Daihatsu is Japan based car manufacturing company found in 1951. The Japanese word “Daihatsu” means “Engine manufacturer” in English. It was most popular for its small size cars and carriages which can be used only in the desserts and other abnormal paths. Hatsudoki is the parent company of Daihatsu. Since from 1960 Daihatsu has been exporting cars and other products to Europe countries and started to export to United States from 1992. Toyota was acting as the main distributor for Daihatsu at that time. “We do compact“&“We make it compact” are the some of the slogans that Daihatsu used in English as well as few of Japanese slogans are also there.After the exportation has started in 1the 1960 Daihatsu was able to export half a million of vehicles in the mid of 1980. In 1990s Daihatsu has been ruling the automotive industry not only in Japan but also in other countries especially in Thailand. But unfortunately in 1997 when the first financial crisis happened, after that Daihatsu could not able to continue the manufacturing and sales in Thailand and closed all the operations there, In January 20111 Daihatsu has made an important announcement that Daihatsu car sales will be temporarily ceased in European countries from 31st January 2103 due to the Japanese currency Yen’s rise in the global economy, therefore the prices of the existing mad vehicles were also increased, so Daihatsu decided to stop the import and the sales in that particular period in Europe including United Kingdom.