The word Daewoo is a Korean word which means Great Universe in English. This manufacturer is based on South Korea and the “Kim Woo Jung” is the founder of this brand. From the birth Kim was a wealthy guy as his father was a Provincial Governor of the city called Daegu in South Korea. Kim got a degree from Yonsei University and finished his school studies in Kyonggi School in his home town. After the establishment of the company it became one of the massive cooperation in South Korea as Daewoo has expanded the operations globally in many of the countries with the help of the conjoint companies. There was a count as twenty groups were operating under the name of Daewoo. Also Daewoo has captured a place in the list of largest cooperation in South Korea and it get placed as second while Hyundai was first. Not only the cars Daewoo produce but also they have separate subsidiaries in different genre such as Daewoo Electronics, Heavy vehicle manufacturing, Marine Engineering which was for manufacturing oil tankers an containers and Ship manufacturing too. Apart from manufacturing operations Daewoo had services like Security services, Telecom services and Construction Company which were developing high way roads and bridges. The other major subsidiary under Daewoo is Daewoo Development Company which was launched to build star rated hotels across Asian countries and in African continents too. The most luxurious and expensive hotel was built in 1996 by Daewoo Development company in the total cost 163 million dollars.