Since from 1925, Chrysler is in the operation of manufacturing auto mobile vehicles and it based United States. The period from 1998 to 2007 Chrysler and its branching groups has become the part of DamlerChrysler and named as “DaimlerChrysler Motors Company” and it was a German based automobile company. In the period of 1936 Chrysler has topped the charts in United States and it was listed in the second place because of its new testing methods and for using advance technologies in manufacturing. Chrysler has designed the hydraulic brakes, Lockheed and an engine fully made by rubber for the carriages of Chrysler. After some years Chrysler has been divided in to sections due to the different function and different price ranges. Considerable examples could be the Plymouth brand which was introduced for the low budget products for example we can take Chrysler 4 cylinder models vehicles and another brand was DeSoto which was get introduced for the middle ranges in prices. After wards Chrysler has bought the Dodge Brothers Automobile manufactures and has launched a new company named “Fargo” which was mainly planned to focussing on truck manufacturing at that time. If we have look on the global sales of Chrysler then we might get to know that this company was in the 11th place in the list of World’s largest vetches manufacture which is ranked by the OICA in 2012. In the same year Chrysler has produced 2.37 million vehicles and it was the double figure of its production in 2010.

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