The formal name of Chevy was Chevrolet and this was a division General Motors (GM) known as Chevrolet General Motors Company based in United States. In 1913 November 3rd, Louis Chevrolet who was a French man and the formal General Motors founder William C. Durant has started this company together. Durant was in the need of to be back in the post of CEO after he was ousted from the General Motors 1910. Meanwhile Durant has got Louis to drive Buick cars in the races and at that time Louis was very famous car racer and after wards Durant was planned to use the popularity and the reputation of Louis to establish a new automobile company. The very first design of the Chevrolet was the Series C Classic C and it had the instructions of Louis and followed and drawn by Etienne Planche. However the first model cars was got out from the factory only in 1913 and it was showcased in the New York Auto Mobile show. So far in 140 counties Chevrolet has made the sales in end of 2011 also in 2011 Chevrolet has made a record as 4.76 million vehicles get sold in the global. As Chevrolet entered in to the sports car manufacturing, it has grabbed the sponsorship of Manchester football team in England. Also it became the official sponsor for the shirt of its team and that contract concludes some huge amount.

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