A carrier assembly includes a differential carrier and a differential casing having a ring gear that is supported on right and left differential bearings for rotation about a differential axis. The right and left differential bearings are each supported in respective right and left bearings housings.
Major Role
A carrier assembly is designed to be used in conjunction with a conventional tow dolly allowing a disabled vehicle to be towed by a conventional tow wrecker having a tow sling. The carrier assembly comprises a pair of longitudinal side members configured in a spaced apart manner by a tow bar connected to the forward ends of the side members by a pair of angled members.
Package Details
Gear Assembly and Housing
Sold Separately
Gear Assembly and Housing will be inspected to ensure quality operation before shipping Differential assembly is different, does not include differential assembly
Part Description
The carrier assembly is the gear section inside the chunk of the front or rear axle. Sometimes people refer to it as the differential assembly. Be sure to know if customer is needing the axle (Look up part type 434) or just the chunk in the middle. The carrier is usually sold as the entire unit with the housing around it.