The carburetor combines gasoline and air creating a highly combustible mixture. It regulates the ratio of air and fuel and controls the engine speed. There are three types of carburetors. They are one barrel, two barrel, and four barrel. Typically, the type of engine and its use will dictate which type of carburetor is used.
Major Role
High performance engines use multiple carburetors that are used to deliver the amount of fuel required by the vehicle. No matter what type of carburetor your engine uses, national carburetors are your source for high quality carburetors. Gasoline is delivered to the carburetor by the fuel pump and is stored in the fuel bowl.
Package Details
Carburetor Only Carburetor is only guaranteed to be rebuild able.
Part Description
The Carburetor controls the amount of fuel that enters the engine and also controls the fuel/air mixture. Mounted on the intake manifold, on the top-center of a "V"-type engine, or slightly off to either side of an inline engine.