Cadillac holds the caption “Luxury carriages” and these products were owned by the General Motors in the middle of the millennium year. If we see the dictionary to find the meaning of this word “Cadillac” then we get the explanation like “Something that is an outstanding example of its kind, especially in terms of luxury”, so the name just represents the product. In more than fifty countries almost in all continents Cadillac vehicles have been sold and United States took the first place in the list of most bought city, Canada, Mexico and other European countries were in the following places. In 1902 Cadillac has invented their ever first car. Many of the journals and history books say that the actual first car of Cadillac has stepped on the road on October 17th. Some of the books are mentioning some different dates, for example we can consider the book “Master of Precision” by Henry Lelland. He was stating that the accurate date was October 20th. However the new model of Cadillac was able to get more than two thousand pre orders when the model was kept as a show in New York Auto Show in in 1903 January. After wards Cadillac produce only cars even after it became the purchase of the General Motors but Cadillac was not manufacture any different vehicles such as limousines, ambulance and school buses.