This company has found by the American “David Dunbar Buick” he was originally a Scottish in the Michigan in 1903. In the later part of 1903 H. James Whiting who was the owner of the Flint Wagon Works has took the control of the company from the founder and shifted to Flint from Detroit because he was having an idea of using the Buick’s engine to his own manufacturing product Wagons. Following these relocation activities Wagon’s owner has roped William C. Durant who was the shareholder of the Flint Wagon Works company, to his new company to manage the whole operations in 1904. On the following years William made the Buick as the largest vehicle manufacturing company in Michigan. Badge of the Buick was designed with three shields, each three shields has a lines across the shield from upper left to lower right. Three shields were in three colours those were red, white and blue also each shields were connected one by one. Buick, since from the start it has been delivering new models year to year but some of the new models were unfortunately abandoned because of its performance and compactness. We can consider the sedan models like Park Avenue, Century, Legal and LeSabre, were the winning models in Buick history and Buick was keep maintaining that kind of models with new features.