In 1968 British Motors Holdings and Leyland Motors get combined and became British Ley-Land Motor Corporation Ltd. Manufacturing and automobile engineering, both these main producing activities were carried out by this co-operation. British Leyland had quite few merges with big car manufactures in England in different years. For example we can consider Austin and Jaguar. During the period of 1974 to 1979, the ruling government of England (Labour Government) at that period was having the major part of the shares and established a new company named “British Leyland Limited” and predominantly took of the control ofthe company. After the government took the control then the company has divided in to four sections which were Leyland cars, Leyland Truck and Bus, Leyland Special Products and Leyland International. These each section was manufacturing different products according those names. For example Leyland cars were producing the cars and it was the largest manufacturing company in England and Leyland International was doing the exporting of the cars and other vehicles manufactured by the company and also this section was responsible for the manufacturing activities in Asian continents and African countries too. “RoverSD1” was the first ever car has been voted as the European car of the year among the other releases by the British Leyland so it was a very relievable new to the manufactures at that time.