BMW has been founded in 1916 in Germany. B.M.W stands for “BayerischeMotorenWerke” in German language and in English it is “Bavarian Motor Works”. Basically BNW comes under the caption of Luxury cars. BMW conducts not only the automobiles but also the motorbikes and engines as well. In the initial stage after the end of the world war BWMW has involved in manufacturing aircraft engines, later on they have stopped the aircraft engine manufacturing and have started to produce motorcycles in 1923. Actually in the middle of 1928 BMW has started to manufacture the automobiles and keeping the winning track in the sales till today. The very first manufactured car by BMW was “BMW Dixi” and it was got licence from Austin Motor Company based in United Kingdom. If we have a look on the current models of BMW then we might get know some useful tips. The ever smallest car manufactured by BMW was 1 series cars which are entered to the market on 2014. On the following years BMW keep release the new invention in series like 1-7 series then they have shifted to the M models. Nowadays BMW is a large cooperation and it does sponsors for the big main event. For an example BMW was the main sponsor for the Olympic event which was held in United Kingdom on 2012, for this BMW has gifted more than 4000 mini cars and also BME sponsors for PGA Golf Championship and so many other on.

List of Models