Back glass or secondary defoggers are used on the vehicles back. They consist of a series of parallel linear resistive conductors in or on the glass. When the power is applied, these conductors heat up, thawing ice and evaporating condensation from the glass.
Major Role
The major role of a back glass is to act as a view finder for reverse and act as a defogger when the air gets misty and visibility in reverse mode is difficult. The back glass has heating lines which defog the mist formed on the back glass.
Package Details
Back Glass Only
Sold Separately
Glass will be wrapped and shipped on a pallet through a freight provider. The large, fragile nature of this part requires geographic availability to be matched before sending. Back beading Seals
Part Description
Back Glass is the rear window of the vehicle. On vehicles with hatchbacks, or SUVs with back doors, the window in the door is considered the back glass.