When do you need a brake master cylinder replacement?

Why should you know your car axle before you buy one?

What is a car axle?

The car axle is the central shaft that connects the heel with the power. It is an important part of the vehicle. The power transmitted through the axle to the wheels propels vehicles. Most cars have two axles that rotate the wheels. With larger vehicles, the number of axles is more. If you look at the car from the side, you will be able to identify the number of axles in the car. If the car has two front tires and two rear tires, then the vehicle will have two axles.

Types of car axles

Some vehicles come with predesigned axles while others have customized axles. The latter offer personalized wheel control adjusting wheel speed and torque to a finer degree. There are three types of standard axles.

Rear axle:

Delivering power to the driving wheel, they come in two halves. The half shaft is connected to the differential, live rear axle rotates with the wheels.

There are three types of rear axles Semi floating axles

Connecting the wheel with the exterior axle shaft flange holds the axle securely. The axle shaft is held by one bearing and the other is secured by the axle casing. With two bearings, the semi-floating axle has to be larger than the other options to produce the same torque. These axles are found in SUVs, mid-size trucks and half-ton light-duty pick-ups.

Full-floating axles: The bearing on this axle keep the axle floating effectively to maintain its position. Transmitting driving torque only, full-floating axles are found in large vehicles like heavy-duty trucks.

Three quarter floating axles: This is more reliable than semi-floating axles and is also more complex. Keeping wheel alignment, side thrust and deriving torque are well managed by this rear axle.

Front axle

The front axle is located in the front of the vehicle and assists the steering while absorbing shocks suffered from uneven road surfaces by the vehicle. The front axle includes the beam, swivel, pin, track rod and stub axle. They are cast in carbon steel or nickel as they are expected to be sturdy.

Types of the front axle

Dead front axle

They remain static at a pace and do not rotate with the wheel axle. Their housing shields them against the road water and dirt.

Live front axle

Delivering power from the gearbox, they transmit the power to the front wheels.

Stub Axles

Connected with the front wheel axle with kingpins.

Types of stub axle wheels

Elliot: Use kingpins, yoke, and a cotter. These are connected to the front axle.

Reverse Elliot: This Elliot stands opposite to the standard Elliot.

Lemoine: This includes an L shaped spindle, in place of a yoke type hinge.

Reserve Lemoine: The layout is opposite to that of a standard Lemoine stub axle.

What are the signs of a broken car axle?

  • Axles break from overloading for a prolonged period.
  • Driving on uneven terrains breaks the spider connection of the axle.
  • If your car wobbles and vibrates while driving, especially at a low speed, 20mph, you must have the wheel and axle checked. Your vehicle will seem to shake.
  • If you notice a misalignment with the brake pad, get your car axle inspected.
  • Visible leaks put pressure on the axle and wheel and cause misfunction.
  • You will notice a visible deflection in the tire mounts, the misalignment will be noticeable from the outside by other co divers if you miss it if the axle is bent.
  • The brakes malfunction in a bent axle when wheels misalign. The self-adjusting sensors will not function correctly dragging the pads. Prolonging repair or replacement will only make matters worse.
  • A faulty axle shaft can cause the brake seal to leak. The brake drum will be coated with oil and grease attracting dust.
  • Neglecting a broken axle will lead to steering problems and eventually pushing the driver and passengers in danger while driving.
How much does a car axle cost?

The average cost of the axle shaft replacement can be from $500-$900. Some aftermarkets stores can affix a price of $290. The mechanic work will be another $500-$800 or more. If both axles need replacement, the average price can be $250-$1066. Replacing both axles are a better option as if one fails the other will have an impact too.

How to select a good car axle?
  • Choose the right axle for you. Semi floating axles are good for passenger cars and light vehicles.
  • Full-floating axles can bear heavy loads. These are heavier axles. Three quarter floating axles are the most expensive and are a combination of the other two axles.
  • If you need a one-piece axle, that is a superior axle, durable and reduce the chance of failures.
  • Two-piece axles are cheaper but will incur a recurring cost.
  • Select tapered bearings when selecting one piece, they offer greater durability than roller bearings and last longer.
  • If you pick a two-piece axle you should go for forge welding. Fiction welded axles are weaker and prone to breakage.
  • Buy axles from a reliable source, if you are choosing an aftermarket part ensure that the vendor has experience and knowledge on a car axle.
What are the pros and cons of used axles?
  • If you are using a semi-floating car axle and want to upgrade, it to a full floating car axle, apart from the differential assembly the rest of the axle can be replaced.
  • full floating axle, offer better road safety as for semi-floating axles if they break in the middle of the road, the wheel will fall out and can lead to a serious accident. In the case of a full floater axle, if it breaks the wheels are attached to the wheel hub and not the axle so they do not come out and ensures road safety especially when your vehicle is hauling huge weight.
  • Used Customized axles provide the right power and torque.
  • Having multiple used axles in a vehicle ensure a smoother drive. A bump on one wheel will not affect the other wheel.
  • Having more than one axle in the front-drive can also improve free movement offering greater control to the driver.
  • Getting a full floater rear axle is more expensive than a semi-floating rear axle.
  • If your vehicle carries a lighter weight, there would be no point in exchanging the rear axle type.
  • The full-floating rear axle is heavy, and the wheel and axle are challenging to install. However, if you have the tools the job can be performed with technical support.
  • More car axles in a standard two-axle vehicle will increase the price of the vehicle.
  • The maintenance of more axles is higher, and the cost is also increased.
  • Knowing about the car axle will keep you informed and aware of being cheated by undependable vendors.
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