In the passenger cars this part would be act as a single component and it is made by proper steel. The exact purpose is transferring the driving force to car’s driving wheels.
Major Role
This part has a real major work inside the car’s system as the car will not be functioning without this part. This part actually connects the wheels and the gear system when the transmissions are meant to be happened and wheel’s rotation also being affected by this component. There are main two varieties in this part called drive axles and dead axles. Drive axle actually helps the vehicle to move the car by rotating the wheels. Dead axle is for rotating purpose only and mostly this has been used in heavy load vehicles like tractors.
Package Details
Axle Shaft Only (Not Drive Shaft.
Sold Separately
Please ensure you are expecting the FRONT Axle Shaft. The Rear axle shaft is not the same part. Connects differential to the spindle/knuckle. We test the axle to be straight and true Does not include spindle/knuckle.
Part Description
The shaft in the Axle that connects the Differential Gears to the Wheels, Hub, or Spindle, or the shaft that connects the Wheels, Hub, or Spindle to the Transaxle/Transmission or Jack shaft. Easy sales just make sure what sides etc. Also, know if a person knows if they are talking about the front axle shaft. The rear 'shaft' is a different part. This part runs perpendicular to the car. It is not a drive shaft which runs the length of the car between the front and rear axle.