Audi is a German based automobile manufacture which is loved by all over the world because of its luxuries facilities. “August Horch” was the initial founder of Audi automobiles he has invented the first product in 1932. By the way from 1966 Volkswagen group take off the operation and owned the 99.55% part of the shares which was a major part. After getting the ownership Volkswagen has launched the F103 series Audi cars 1965. The logo of the Audi has made with four rings which are each connected with other. This means each rings stands for each carmanufacturers company which came together for “Audi”. Audi had different slogans in different nations, Audi’s original slogan is “Advancement through Technology” but in United States they use like “Truth is engineering”. In 1990s Audi has produces the A series cars and Audi A2 was the very fantastic product as a mini car concluding super features as well. at that time Audi has used aluminium construction to make the frames of the cars. In this A2 car, TDI technology has been used as three cylinder engines in a low budget. However the A2 cars were not making the expected sales in Europe and in other continents while the car manufactures had a bumper of sales for an example we can consider Mercedes Benz A- class. Whatsoever Audi’s growth after 1995 is unbelievable and in nowadays it became one of the largest profitable groups in world because of its latest technology and the look.