Very initially in 1906 the automobile company based in France known as “AlexandreDarracq” has invented a car manufacturing which was named A.L.FA later. In this foundation some of the Italian investors also took part in establishing. Later on in 1909 the car sales were literally down and the makers and the investors were in a need of producing new designs to get back the sales up. This was why the involved Italian partners grabbed an Italian person called “Giuseppe Merosi” as a chief Engineer. After the changes and new hiring Alfa – Romeo became anItalian based car manufacturing company which was found in Jun24, 1910 in Milan. “A.L.F.A” was the initial name of this manufacturer which stands for “AnonimaLombardaFabrica Automobile” in Italian language and in English it was “Anonymous Lombard Automobile Factory”. After some years this automobile company has become a part of the Fiat Group as it was participating in the car races as well. then in later 2007 Alfa- Romeo has been morphed as Alfa-RomeoS.p.A which was wholly owned subsidiary of Fiat group. In 1960s Alfa-Romeo has produces cars which had small physical aspect than the other makings; it was mainly designed for the police. If we have look at the physical features of this car like colour, roofs and stripes are made in differentthat was having green and blue in colours and some white stripes.