The evaporator also sometimes referred to as the evaporator core, is one of the two heat exchangers in a mobile A/C system. In a typical passenger vehicle the evaporator is usually located inside the passenger compartment, quite often deeply buried in or under the instrument panel.
Major Role
The AC evaporator is called the evaporator because it’s where the freezing liquid refrigerant takes on any heat from the air blown through it and changes into a gaseous state before returning it to the air conditioning condenser to shed the heat. This process is constantly repeated.
Package Details
AC Evaporator
Sold Separately
Will be inspected for leakage before shipping Ac compressor or condenser
Part Description
This unit is where the work of cooling of your car happens. The refrigerant flows though the evaporator, which is designed like a radiator, and takes heat from the air circulating through the passenger compartment. The evaporator is normally mounted in the firewall or under the dash of your car.