A/C condensers are usually located at the front of a radiator and are normally thin and made of aluminium. An AC condenser is a heat exchange system which serves a similar purpose as a Radiator in a vehicles A/C system, which is to release heat from the A/C system of a car.
Major Role
The major role of an A/C condenser is to release the heat that is generated by the A/C system during its normal operation. It accomplishes this in a similar way as a Radiator, and they work in conjunction with evaporators. Heat absorbed the A/C system by the evaporator is released to the atmosphere by the condenser.
Package Details
AC Condenser
Sold Separately
Inspected for holes and leaks before shipping Sold separately from the ac compressor
Part Description
A part of the A/C system similar to a radiator that cools the refrigerant as it turns from a gas back to a liquid. Usually mounted in front of the radiator. Other names: (Condenser).