What should you know when buying a used AC compressor?

Is a used car AC compressor a good buy? What is a car AC compressor?
  • The car AC compressor is the heart of the air conditioning unit of your car.
  • It compresses the car's refrigerant by activating its heat transfer characteristic and changing the temperature from hot to cold and cold to hot.
  • Cooling is a multistep thermodynamic process made possible by the AC compressor.
  • At the push of a button, the compressor increases the temperature of the refrigerant.
  • Allowing the refrigerant to pass through the condenser where it loses heat.
  • Purifying while passing through a dryer sheds all contaminants.
  • The purified lighter refrigerant flows through the explosion valve.
  • Expelling through the dashboard evaporator it gushes out as super cold, dry air from the motors blower pump.

The parts of an A/C Compressor are:

  • Compressor section, oil fill and valves.
  • Refrigerant pipe connection points.
  • Electromagnetic pulley.

Compressor variations are:

  • Fixed swashplate.
  • Reciprocating.
  • Rotary, spiral and vane.
  • In hybrid vehicles electric.
  • The most important reason to buy a used AC compressor is the price. A good used AC compressor works just as well as a functioning AC compressor in your automobile.
  • If the moisture is intact and the lubricating oil in the car AC compressor creates acids, the used AC compressor is a good investment.
  • Make sure you flush and treat the used AC compressor when it is removed. Usually, a dependable aftermarket store takes care to flush the compressor of residual particles.
  • Ensure that the car AC compressor is properly plugged. It is not desirable to leave it on the shelf exposed to air. Replace the drier sock from the AC.
  • Remember vehicles that reach the junkyards go there for reasons other than the car AC compressor. The compressor is under a hood and is safe. You can buy the compressor from a reliable online used parts store.

How do I know if my used car AC compressor is failing?

  • Car AC compressors lubricate the sealed bearing, if the lubrication runs out the bearings can wear out.
  • The first indications are sharp noises and metal grinding sounds.
  • A squealing sound from the drive belt that cannot spin.
  • The clutch of the car AC compressor is connected by a belt and pulley which is prone to failing.
  • The car AC compressor is guided by the clutch that switches it on/off. This controls the wear and tear and fuel economy as the engine has no role in turning the compressor on.
  • The clutch fails and stands in one position. It can stay on all the time you drive and not work at all. An inspection of the clutch and the Car AC compressor is recommended and if required a replacement is needed. You can try a used AC compressor.

Pros & Cons of used AC compressor

  • Used AC Car compressors cost 80% less than the OEM price. You save thousands of dollars when you buy from a reliable AC Compressor store.
  • The used AC Car compressor from a reliable online store comes with a warranty.
  • You are given a thorough briefing on the history of the part, so you can evaluate its efficiency and the money that you are investing. This only happens when the purchase is made from a reliable used AC compressor store.
  • If you are not purchasing from a dependable online car AC compressor store, your part may not even last a day.
  • You will end up spending much more than you had planned on saving.
  • Shipping could be expensive. It is a hidden price that may surprise you and upset your total cost.
  • Shipping may be delayed making you wait endlessly for your part to arrive.
  • Poor customer communication. The store does not respond to customer query

What is the price of a used ac compressor?

The car AC compressor cost depends on the type of car AC compressor. There are great differences in the prices of an OEM and a used Ac compressor. OEM prices are around $900 or higher. Aftermarket parts, even if you purchase from a reliable used AC compressor part store, will be less than 80% of the OEM part price. So, you save your dollars provided you invest with a reliable used auto part store.

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