Types of Auto Parts & Auto Body Parts

Automobile parts wear and tear with age or accidents. In addition, a vehicle’s interior and exterior will also wear from weather and the elements and could be damaged from an accident. Your budget may not always permit you to purchase a new car or even new car parts. But you can still maintain your car, keep it running well and looking sharp with quality used auto parts and used car body parts.

Car body parts refers to both interior and exterior parts like fenders, doors and bumpers on the outside, and seats, dashboard panels, consoles and more for the inside of the car. Over time, all of these parts are subject to wear and tear. Nonetheless, good maintenance can help your car and most of its auto part lasts for years. For example, the hood but the outside needs washing, rubbing compound occasionally along with a car wax coating. Let us look at the vehicle parts and discuss a few of them that are more prone to be damaged than others.

Exterior part bumper

Whenever your automobile is involved in an accident, or when your bumper hits a wall in your garage or another car at the parking lot at the local shopping mall, you may have to replace the part that is damaged whether the front and rear bumper. Doors and fenders are as easily damaged, more than just scratches which can sometimes be addressed with rubbing compound or even a filler compound.


Bumpers and fenders are sometimes confused but they are two different parts. Fenders are positioned around the frame on the wheel. Connected to the finder is the mudguard or sometimes referred to as splashguard because it catches the dirt from the road while protecting the tires from the dirt and debris and prevents pedestrians from getting splashed when it rains, or the streets are wet from rain or snow. They are shock absorbers for automobiles and protect the car from side collisions.


If the accident is one of more severe impact directly to the front of the car or even if the driver’s side or passenger side front quarter panel are hit, the front grille or the emblem on the grille could be damaged beyond repair and need replacement. The grille often makes a statement about the car and its character. It should be well maintained, clean and free of dents or cracks. Besides the look of the grill, it is the part that allows the air to flow into the engine.

The hood & trunk lid

The hood and the trunk lid are parts that are easily damaged whether hit by an object like a rock or other road debris or because of an accident. Some light dents can be ignored even repaired but if the dent cannot be pulled out to restore the original form, then it negative affects the appears of the car. If the dent is larger enough and near the side of the hood or trunk, it could cause an opening which may lead to a water leak or dirt could even get inside the engine or trunk. Regardless of reason, a used hood or trunk can be readily located and purchased, sometimes even in the color that matches your car. Otherwise, if your car is in the body shop and being repainted, you can save money buying a used hood or trunk.


Headlights and taillights are other car body parts that are easily prone to damage during any impact more than a bump. Made of plastic or glass, it is not just the glass, but the headlight assembly that could be damaged and require replacement. It is now easy to get a headlight assembly replacement, by mentioning your car’s year, make and model number, or by giving us your vehicle identification number (VIN) and ordering online from us. The aftermarket headlight assembly will cost much less than the new OEM headlight assembly.


Car doors protect passengers inside the vehicle in the event of an accident or collision; these are the parts of the car most liable to be affected and should be replaced if damaged. Damage to the car door, not only affects the appearance of the car, but also may cause the door not to properly close and seal the car from the environment. On the inside of the car door is many parts that control the locking of the car, the window, and the movement of the window. Any of the parts inside the door shells like power window switches, window motors door latches and cables, latch rods and lock cylinders and others, could all be affected if a door is damaged. Keeping them in top condition is essential for your safety and for the overall good appearance of your car.


Tires can suffer damage from road hazards or accidents. The common damage to tires are manifested by punctures, cuts, impacts, cracks, bulges and irregular wear that occur due to incorrect front end alignment. One of the best ways to maintain even wear across the tread of your tires is to rotate the wheels and tires according to your car manufacturer’s recommendation for the frequency of rotation and the method of rotation. Very often, you can save a lot of money buy purchased used tires. Maybe you want to replace your wheels with good used tires and enhance the look of your car and make sure that you have good tires that will last for thousands of miles on the road. We can help you find two or four used tires with or without wheels when you need them. You will save a lot of money with used tires.

Other exterior parts

Though there are several other exterior parts, each can be replaced with used auto body parts in good condition. Whatever exterior auto body part you may require, you can check out the Big Mouth Direct website to find what you need there or just call to speak to a parts specialist.

Other parts like the Cowl screen, decklid, fascia rear and support, front clip, front fascia and header panel, pillar and hard trim, quarter panel, radiator core support, rocker, roof rack, spoiler, front spoiler (air dam), rear spoiler (wing), rims, hubcap, tire, trim package, trunk, valance, welded assembly, window motor, fuel tank (or fuel filler) door, windows, glass, sunroof, sunroof motor, sunroof rail, sunroof glass, window motor, window regulator, windshield (also called windscreen), windshield washer motor, window seal, audio/video devices, cameras, ow voltage electrical supply system, gauges and meters, lighting and signaling system, sensors, starting system, electrical switches, wiring harnesses, floor components and parts, car seat etc are available. Find any auto part or auto body part for both the interior and exterior of your car by calling us.


An engine, sometimes referred to as a motor, is designed to convert one form of energy into mechanical energy that propels your car forward or backward. What are the reasons for an engine to fail? The most often occurring signs of your engine potentially or failing include a knocking noise, vibrating, excessive exhaust smoke, loss of power and worsening fuel efficiency. A knocking noise could be the result of a lack of lubrication. Check your oil level when you hear any knocking noise. Vibrating can be an indication of a metal-on-metal contact, which can also be the result of low oil. The color of excessive exhaust smoke may give you an indication of what problem your engine is experiencing. Black smoke is a sign that the engine is burning too much gasoline. Blue-tinted smoke could mean there is an oil leak. A loss of power can be sudden. If you experience a loss of power, go to a repair shop immediately so the engine can be diagnosed. Worsening fuel efficiency can indicate that there is a problem with your engine’s compression stroke. If you notice a sudden or continuing reduction is gas mileage, consult a qualified mechanic.

Spark plugs

Spark plugs are essential for starting and operating a vehicle. Changing spark plugs is usually a simple task. When spark plugs begin to wear out, your engine can misfire and have trouble starting. The signs of failing spark plug are slow acceleration, misfiring or engine surging. It is never a good idea to delay replacing spark plugs because you could have sudden and unexpected car problems at the wrong time and at the wrong place. Be safe always. Check for used spark plug replacement on our website.


The car battery is a device to provide power to certain operating functions of your car. An essential component to your car’s overall health. Hot weather can drain the car battery even more than when it is cold outside. To make sure your car starts and runs efficiently, you must be sure your battery is maintaining its charge in all of its cells. The most common causes of battery failure is acid stratification and low charge. Battery life is not more than four to five years. Sometimes, a used vehicle battery will serve your purpose for some years and cost less.

Brake rotors

Brake rotors which are typically made from cast iron or steel, play a crucial role in your vehicles ability to slow down and stop the car. When you press the brake pedal, the brake pedal, the brake calipers cause the brake pads to apply pressure to the brake rotors, which are also known as brake discs, to slow down the wheels from turning. As a point of reference, brake rotors for most cars, trucks and SUVs, will need replacement before the car is driven 60,000-70,000 miles. Most mechanics will recommend that brake rotor replacement – i.e. both the front rotors and rear rotors) in pairs are replaced to make sure that the ability to stop your wheels from turning is equally distributed. You may notice that your car is not stopping as quickly and smoothly as it did before. That may be a sign that you should have your brake rotors checked. Often when they get worn out, you may hear squeaking or grinding or growling sounds or a pulsing sensation, which are signs that the part requires your immediate attention for your safety. One of our most important suggestions is never to delay replacing brake parts or tires to insure your safety and that of your passengers.

Instrument panel cluster

The instrument panel cluster is the digital dashboard that provides the driver with important information while driving. This must be in good working condition and well maintained. Dim flickering gauges, inaccurate reading, unreliable gauges giving false readings can create a hazard if not in good working condition. Issues can crop up from a computer malfunction, blown fuse, loose connections, bad sensors overloaded circuits, stopped gears, grounding issues, and a defective instrument cluster.


Drive with care and keep your automobile in good shape. When your exterior or interior auto body parts, mechanical parts or computer modules, or even the engine or transmission are damaged or need replacement, there will have to search for your best option to purchase a quality OEM part at the lowest price possible. Turn to a trusted and professional online store, Big mouth Direct ( The Big Mouth Direct team has been selling auto parts since 1975 and educates customers on the parts that they need to buy and ensures that customers fully understand their options and the answers to their questions.

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