YOUR ORDER, FULFILLMENT & SHIPPING. By making payment to Us on account of your Sales Order, you agree that your Sales Order, is (i) a legally binding agreement between Big Mouth Direct LLC (“BMD”, “We” or “Us”) and you, (ii) final and (iii) subject to the this Shipping, Cancellations, Returns, Credits & Refund Policy, and other terms and conditions set forth on our website at, including but not limited to the 30-Day Limited Warranty Policy, all of which are incorporated therewith and made a part thereof. Please note all body parts, electrical parts, glass items, seats and metal sheet parts are sold “AS IS". We will send for your approval pictures of the part you ordered before We ship. Once you approve the pictures and We ship the part, We will not accept any returns. References to BMD, We or Us may include our suppliers or shippers.

It is your responsibility to ask all necessary questions regarding the purchased part(s) prior to finalizing the Sales Order and paying Us.

We have the following specific guidelines for the parts indicated below:

1-If you purchase a computer module, it is your responsibility to get the module reprogrammed by the dealership if required. We will only match the module ID and ship the part. To be clear, We do not own or license any software for such computer modules.

2-We will use our best efforts to locate engines, transmissions and axles in the best condition with the lowest number of miles used based on the price you pay Us and as such, do not guarantee any specific number of miles these parts have been used.

SHIPPING POLICY. As soon as your order is finalized and paid for, We will reach out to our suppliers to confirm that the part you ordered is in stock, in good condition and available for shipment. We will request pictures from our supplier of the part you ordered as soon as it is removed from the vehicle at their location. Shortly following receipt, We will send the pictures to you for approval which should be no more than seven (7) business days following the date your order is finalized and paid for. You will review and approve the pictures, as appropriate, within two (2) business days. We will use our best efforts to ship the part to your designated location within five (5) business days after the date you approve the pictures. Within two (2) days of shipping the part to you, We will send to the email address you provided Us, the name of the freight carrier and tracking information within two (2) days from when your order has been shipped, If you have any questions about your order, feel free to contact Us at:

  • Phone: (844)-668-8434
  • Email:

As a rule, We will ship small parts to the same address as the billing address on your credit card or debit card. We will ship large items (e.g. engines, transmissions, truck beds, some body parts) to a business/commercial address, but require you to provide US with the complete name of the company and address of that location. In addition, We require a contact person’s name at that location with his/her direct phone number and email address. You must authorize Us to speak directly with that individual to verify information, as We may need, from time to time, about the part and delivery. Further, if a forklift is required at the delivery location, it is your responsibility to arrange and pay for it and someone to operate it.

Upon delivery of the part to you, you must inspect the packaging of your item(s) when it arrives. If you notice any damage you should make note of it when signing for the delivery on the freight carrier’s bill of lading and keep a copy for yourself. If your part is delivered to you damaged, please follow the instructions on this website, for our Shipping, Cancellations, Returns, Credits & Refund Policy.

LIMITED 30-DAY WARRANTY. Big Mouth Direct LLC (“BMD”) offers a “30-day Limited Warranty” upon a sale and covers the part that We delivered to you (“Warranty”).

For further important details about BMD’s “30-Day Limited Warranty”, please carefully read the information provided at, which is incorporated herewith and a part hereof, and read it carefully.


Order Cancellation. Once We receive your Sales Order and payment, your sale is final. Your Sales Order is a legally binding agreement between you and BMD. You may not cancel your Sales Order and request a refund for reasons like:
(i) you found the part(s) from another supplier;
(ii) you no longer need the part;
(iii) you sold your car;
(iv) you claim that our sales agent made promises different from our policies stated on this website;
(v) you purchased an electrical part, body part, glass item, seat or metal sheet part, all of which are sold “AS IS”.
(vi) any other reason which is unrelated to the actual shipment of your order.

In contrast, you may cancel your order and request a refund, without any fees deducted, if any of the following applies:
(i) We fail to send you pictures within seven (7) business days following the day received your order and payment, that We plan to ship to you;
(ii) Your order is not shipped within five (5) business days following your approval of the actual pictures of the part that We intend to ship to you;
(iii) We do not provide you with the name of the freight carrier and a tracking number as proof of shipment on or before the seventh (7th) business day following your approval of the pictures referenced above; or
(iv) You receive the part and believe it is either damaged or incorrect, providing that you follow the procedures below (see Damaged or Incorrect Parts for further instructions that you must follow).

Further, you may cancel your order, subject Cancellations, Returns, Credits and Refund Policies such that if:
1-We have shipped your part, whether you received it or not:
a-You must pay all shipping charges (both ways); plus
b-You must also pay a 25% restocking charge.
i. The balance of the amount you paid, as indicated on your Sales Order, after deducting the amounts indicated above, will be refunded to you in the form of a merchandise credit, which you may use any anytime within twelve (12) months from the date the merchandise credit is issued.
ii. We will issue your merchandise credit within ten (10) days of receiving the part returned to our designated location as indicated our RMA (see below), providing the part is returned in the same condition as when you received it; or

2-We have not yet shipped your part and you have notified Us in writing that you want to cancel your order:
a-You must pay a 25% cancellation fee; and
b-After deducting the 25% cancellation fee, We will refund the balance by crediting the credit card or debit card which was used to pay the amount originally due under our Sales Order.
i. In this instance, We will issue the refund within ten (10) days of your written request to cancel.

Damaged or Incorrect Parts. If you receive a damaged part or an incorrect part, you must notify the BMD customer service department in writing by email or fax within two (2) business days of the delivery of the part to you. Telephone requests will not be accepted. When you email or fax, you must provide BMD with a detailed written explanation about the damage or the part being incorrect, together with pictures that clearly show the nature of the problem(s).

Return of Parts. DO NOT RETURN THE PART BEFORE RECEIVING A RETURN MERCHANDISE AUTHORIZATION (“RMA”) FROM BMD. Once We issue the RMA to you, returning a part to the designated location on the RMA, it is your responsibility. You must provide BMD with a return tracking number within two (2) business days of when the part is shipped to BMD’s designated location. The part must be returned within seven (7) business days of your receipt of the RMA. If you return the part to BMD’s offices instead of the designated location on the RMA, We will forward the part received at our offices to the correct address listed on the RMA at your expense.

Once the part is received at BMD’s designated location, it will be inspected and verified as the part shipped to you. RETURNED PARTS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR REFUNDS, ONLY FOR GENERAL MERCHANDISE CREDITS. In order for a general merchandise credit to be approved, among other things:
(i) the part must be returned in the original condition as when it was shipped to you (excluding items damaged in shipping that have been verified by the shipping company and (verified by a Big Mouth Direct representative); or
(ii) the part shall not have been modified in any way or taken apart for testing.

Credits and Refunds. Upon confirmation that a part meets the requirements, a request to issue a credit will be forwarded to BMD’s accounting team, and subject to the following:
(i) the amount of the general merchandise credit shall be determined by Us, consistent with our Shipping, Cancellations, Returns, Credits and Refund Policy as described herein above;
(ii) we will issue the general merchandise credit to you by email, which you may use against any future purchase.