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How to be sure of buying a used engine oil cooler?

Cars can overheat during hot weather or long-distance driving. Engine oil coolers regulate the temperature and help in the performance of the vehicle. It is a part of the vehicle's radiator system. Surrounding the engine is a maze of pipes that maintains an oil supply at a consistent, optimal temperature and provides a cooling effect on the engine. It maintains engine velocity, for when the vehicle is heated the velocity decreases and the oil cannot reach the components.

How does the engine cooler work?

When is an engine oil cooler necessary?

The oil cooler specifications

Engine oil coolers are of two types.

Oil-to-water cooler

Here the engine oil travels from a heat exchanger element. It is made functional by adding heat to the cold oil or reducing the heat from the excess oil.


The radiator enables engine oil to cool through the cooling fans. The cooling process works through a thermostat that is controlled through a bypass valve. It stops the engine oil from passing through the cooler. It waits for the desired temperature to be reached.

Cooler types include basic tube and fin style where the oil passes through single or multiple coolers. The multiple cooling rows include stack plate type.

Some cooler types are header style and end in tanks and are designed like radiators.

When do you know that the engine oil cooler begins to fail?

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