Ease of Having Quality Used Auto Parts Delivered to Your Door

When cars reach the end of their life on the road, many of their parts are still in good working condition and salvageable. The same applies after a car is in an accident when a car is not worth repairing. Yet, the working parts can still be used for many months or years.

In America today, there are more than 8,000 companies engaged in the $20+ Billion per year business of salvage auto parts.

Connecting this number of companies and the overall volume with the Internet and you have a great solution to locating and purchasing used auto parts any place in the U.S. Then, also through the Internet and shipping portals, sellers of used auto parts, whether to D-I-Y-ers, auto repair shops, car dealerships, car services, body shops or others, can have anything from windshield wiper armature to engines and transmissions delivered within 3-7 days anywhere in the U.S.

Big Mouth Direct has connected salvage yards and others with the Internet and shippers to make saving 50%-70% of the cost of new OEM parts, while delivering quality used auto parts for your car, SUV or truck, right to your door. Not only can Big Mouth Direct make it easy for you, but they save you money on shipping by comparing quotations from several shippers.