Can a D-I-Y-er Buy Used Auto Parts?

Definitely! Big Mouth Direct offers D-I-Y-ers an affordable alternative to purchasing new OEM or aftermarket parts. Used auto parts cost less while offering the same operating function as a new or aftermarket part for your car, SUV or truck. Generally, you can save 50%-70% of the retail price of Manufacturer’s Original Equipment (OEM) parts.

How Big Mouth Direct Helps?

Big Mouth Direct has networked with salvage yards and auto recyclers across the U.S and places lower cost, valuable used or recycled parts back into the marketplace.

Tips for buying Used Auto Parts

D-I-Y-ers don’t have to be an expert in order to purchase used auto parts. D-I-Y-ers can readily purchase used auto parts.

Your first decision is whether to buy used, new O.E.M. or aftermarket parts. Clearly, if the part functions as a new OEM or aftermarket part, saving 50%-70% is worth it.

Your second decision is whether you can be confident in your purchase and be protected if the part you buy is not right? Depending from whom you purchase your used parts, the warranty option available to protect your part is very important. Big Mouth Direct offers a 30 Day Limited Warranty. Simply stated, Big Mouth Direct stands behind every used or recycled part it sells with a warranty.

Your third decision is to figure out how to know what part you really need? Big Mouth Direct’s warehouse mechanics are invaluable regardless of whether you’re a D-I-Y-er or trained mechanic,

Before you purchase your part, you should consider to do the following:

Identify your part number and vehicle identification number (VIN#). Usually the part number is found on the part itself. This number can be cross checked with the number on the used part. In comparison the VIN number is a 17 character number typically located in several places -- driver door jamb or driver side of the windshield as well as your paperwork from when you purchased the car. VIN numbers may be found on your registration card from the state where you live and have the car registered.

It’s always helpful if you send a photo of the part itself from several angles. You can use your smartphone to easily accomplish this.

A quick call to your dealer can also help. At the same time, you can inquire as to the price of a new OEM part which you can compare to the used or recycled part quotation from Big Mouth Direct.

Definitely Double Check!

Compare the part number and the OEM part number on the part itself if available or contact Big Mouth Direct for assistance and more information. Double check any images and compare to your own part to be certain of your purchase Careful….parts marketed with “stock image” represent an identical part but may not be exact