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What is an automatic transmission?

An automatic transmission is a multi-speed transmission, used in vehicles that have done away with driver input to change gears.

What are the parts of an Automatic Transmission?

The parts include a transmission, axle, and differential.


What is its function?

What is the difference between automatic and manual transmissions?

A closer look inside the automatic transmission

A planetary gearset is of the size of a cantaloupe and the point that manages all transmission ratios.

The planetary gearset has three main components:

Each of these components acts as input, output and is held stationary.

A set of bands lock parts and a set of three wet plate clutch lock a part of the gearset.

The hydraulic system controls the clutch and brands and is curiously built.

A large gear pump moves the transmission fluid.

Planetary Gearset Ratios Compound Planetary Gearset

What to check when buying a used Automatic transmission for sale Online

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