Best Resource for Used Auto Parts

Used spare parts are considered the best option for automotive service and repairs. The catch lies in where you look for the required auto parts. While there are many options, not all are equally appropriate. Every car, SUV and truck is likely to require spare parts for repairs or overhauling. And the broad consensus is that used auto parts are the best bet when it comes to repairing a Nissan, Honda, Chevrolet or even a BMW, Audi or Mercedes. Not only do used parts save truckloads of money, but they are also easily available and an environment-friendly option as well. While vehicle owners mostly prefer to go the used parts route, they are often flummoxed about where to source the parts they require. Let’s take a look at the various options available before zeroing in on the best one:

E-bay and Craiglist – These major nationwide online marketplaces usually emerge as the best option for purchasing just about anything. While you can check out the required spare part on eBay Motors or other websites, do keep in mind that the massive options may only end up sucking oodles of time. There are a variety of sellers, but most sell their parts as-is and will not provide assistance in choosing the right auto part to suit your requirements. It is up to you to carefully peruse the item description and decide whether it is appropriate or not. in case the images are stock photos, they may not prove to be useful either.

Moreover, the items may take long to deliver and may not always offer solid return policies either. Furthermore, while you can check out the sellers’ ratings before transacting business, they may require the parts to be installed by a certified mechanic in order to qualify for the full warranty.

Junkyards – Once a vehicle is out of business, it usually ends up at the local recycler or junkyard. As many of the parts are still in usable condition, such salvage yards can seem to be a great resource. However, they are mostly disorganized when it comes to inventory and involve a lot of haggling over the price. Because of the limited reach, your local scrap yard will not always have the specific make and model of spare part you require. Roaming around the junkyard hoping to find the part you are looking for may just end up being a waste of time. Legitimacy and reliability pose as a big question mark as well.

Moreover, most places will not only require you to select the required part on your own, but at times, even dismantle it by yourself! You have to bring your own tools and get your hands dirty on the job. While many junkyards are getting computerized and creating an online presence, you can forget about any kind of return or exchange option per se.

Used Parts Dealers – There are a number of used parts dealers apart from the big players. These may be local dealers or even with a national presence. Most of them have online websites where you can search the database for the required part while some go a step ahead and are prepped to find the exact part based on your specifications about the year, make and model of your vehicle. the delivery options can range from in-store pickup or visiting the local salvage yard to even shipping right to your doorstep. The customer service and sales support is noteworthy and the personal contact with the seller can make all the difference!

However, the buyers should pay particular attention to the return and exchange policy and study the warranty details as they will vary from one dealer to another.

Take Big Mouth Direct for instance. They regularly source millions of used auto parts from more than 10,000 junkyards, warehouses and other sources across the USA. They provide certified used parts for both domestic and imported cars, trucks and SUVs with the quickest and best quotes possible. All you have to do is call the store or drop your inquiry on the website,

They have trained mechanics on board and the customer service team will use the VIN number and other details (you can even provide pictures) to ensure that the customer is purchasing the right part. The 30 day limited warranty allows for exchange and return in case the wrong part is ordered.

So, you know exactly where to look the next time you require used car parts!