Workplace safety plays a significant role in ensuring your business's success. The Safety Council of NW Ohio can help you and your employees understand the importance of keeping the workplace a safe place for everyone. Choose from their different saf
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Businesses are generally focused on keeping daily operations running smoothly and efficiently. But only a handful understand the importance of keeping the workplace safe for everyone. Whether you run a travel agency or a big factory, safety is a common concern.

The Safety Council of NW Ohio can help shed light on the topic of safety. It is committed to enhance the quality of life by providing education, programs and services that improve the safety, health and environment within the workplace and in the community.

Chartered in 1960, the Safety Council of NW Ohio (SCNWO) focuses on educating others about safety through programs that effectively instill the value of life. With its network of members, this non-profit community-based organization has positively impacted the lives of millions of people for 53 years.

Over the years, volunteers from the public, judicial, law enforcement, fire and rescue, medical, academia and the private sectors have joined together to keep the community a safe place for present and future generations.

Safety Council Members Benefits

There are many reasons why becoming a member to the SCNWO will benefit you and your business. Here are some of them:

- Eligibility for reduced workers’ compensation group rating to provide potential savings for your company
- Free use of SCNWO video library
- Discounts on training courses
- Consultation and information services for occupational safety and health as well as off-the-job safety
- OSHA 10-hour and 30-hour compliance training
- DOT training
- First aid, CPR and AED training

As a non-profit community-based organization, the SCNWO sponsors:

- Annual Hero Awards Banquet (past 35 years)
- Annual Bike Safety Programs for 4th graders in area schools
- 2-day Leadership Camp for the Safety Patrol Captains
- The Safety Council is also certified through the state of Ohio to offer Defensive Driving and Remedial Driving Programs.
- The Remedial Programs are designed for 16 to 17 year olds with two traffic convictions as well as the 8-hour program for adults in compliance for the 12-point suspension, 2-point credit, court referrals and out-of-state violators.

Workplace and Community Safety Services

Why should you look to SCNWO for your safety training? Here is what you need to know. The SCNWO has a team of people who are trained professionals in the field of safety. They are an authority when it comes to ensuring workplace and community safety. The SCNWO offers the following services:


- Walk-through safety evaluations. SCNWO can facilitate a company's safety program and work environment with a confidential safety walk-through to identify and recommend changes in the physical facility and the written safety programs that need to be addressed for OSHA compliance.
- Free phone consultations for members
- Employee training with a Safety Council consultant
- Customized course offerings to meet your company's specific needs
- Resource materials
Free video library for members
Free written safety programs for members
Posters, brochures, handbooks and a variety of product to supplement your training and workplace safety compliance solutions
- Industrial Safety Campaign
At no cost, companies have an opportunity to participate in our Safety Campaign in cooperation with the Division of Safety & Hygiene during the year. Qualifying companies receive distinguished certificates based on their lost-time injury rates and are recognized at our Annual Banquet in the following categories: Group Award, 100% Award, Achievement Award and Special Award.
- Safety Day in Toledo
This annual conference is free to Northwest Ohio and visitors. Presented and coordinated by professional volunteers, this event is the largest in Northwest Ohio. More than 20 specialty sessions throughout the day and over 30 vendors all in one place! Plus a keynote speaker to open the program.


Hero Awards Banquet
For the past 35 years, the SCNWO has honored those who go above and beyond the norm to help those in harm's way. If you would like to nominate a Hero from the Northwest Ohio area, call the SCNWO.

Safety Patrol Leadership Camp
For more than three decades, SCNWO has sent area 5th, 6th and 7th graders to a 3-day workshop/camp to prepare them to lead their schools' safety patrol.

Resource Materials
Brochures and pamphlets available on many different topics to assist your church, scouting and community groups.

Other services are:

- Safe hand washing and bicycle safety training for elementary schools
- Safety health and environmental services for workplace and community
- Industrial safety campaigns
- Onsite safety training and consultations
- Safety training and consultation
- Certificates of safety training
- Safety program development and compliance

The SCNWO is also authorized by the Department of Public Safety to undertake Defensive Driving Classes and Remedial Driving Training.

For SCNWO, "Your Safety Is Our Business. Your Premier Safety Resource. "To Make Life Last . . . Put Safety First!"

Stay Safe

There is only so much you can do to caution your employees to make the workplace a safe environment. But instilling the value of safety takes a bit of an effort and the help of the SCNWO to make them understand. Visit the office at 8015 Rinker Pointe Court, Northwood, Ohio, which is conveniently located just off of I-75 at Wales Road.

Check out the website at www.scnwo.org for a complete list of safety training programs. For more information, send an email to dmcmickens@scnwo.org.

If you believe workplace safety is important, call the SCNWO at 419-610-2463 today!

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