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Affordable Hearing Aids, Repairs & Supplies in Sylvania, Ohio


This locally owned hearing aid practice in Sylvania, Ohio, specializes in providing patients with the highest level of care, compassion and expertise—designed to produce exceptional results.
Saxon Square Plaza
6600 Sylvania Ave., Ste. 17
Sylvania, Ohio 43560
United States
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Hours of Operation

Monday and Thursday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Tuesday and Wednesday: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Friday: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.


Did you know that 36 million people have reported a hearing loss? Can you imagine their frustration and sense of isolation, feeling disconnected from the world around them? To understand completely, try watching others’ lips move, and think about coping without hearing conversations completely.

Gift of Hearing

The experienced professionals at Hear-Rite Hearing Center do more than simply empathize with this plight. These experts are committed to helping others hear the sounds and voices of people they love, so they can participate in their lives fully. Through unmatched customer service, they take great pride in giving back the gift of hearing.

Here are some other ways that Hear-Rite Hearing Center in Sylvania, Ohio, stands out:

- High rating from the Better Business Bureau
- National Board certification in hearing instrument sciences
- Proud member of the Sylvania community and Chamber of Commerce
- Provides nationwide care as part of the network of NuEar providers
- Latest hearing aid technology
- Caring and dedicated staff

Hearing Center Distinctions

Hear-Rite Hearing Center is genuinely interested in serving the best interests of those who live in the Sylvania, Ohio, area. This team is set apart from others for the following reasons:

- No high-pressure sales pitch
- Detailed explanations of test results and recommendations
- Prescriptive demonstrations of hearing instruments
- Several free services to show goodwill
- Portion of every hearing aid sales supports Starkey’s Hearing Angel

Hear-Rite Hearing Center received the 2013 Starkey Hearing Angel Award. This charity helps national and international children get hearing aids, which enables them to enjoy their time with friends and family.

Professionals Hearing Services in Sylvania

Besides fitting affordable hearing aids, Hear-Rite Hearing Center in Sylvania repairs, services, cleans and programs these devices. These experienced professionals provide personal and knowledgeable assistance for the following:

- Complimentary hearing test for amplification
- State-of-the-art hearing devices
- Programming and adjustments
- Rehabilitation to get you back in conversation with friends and family
- In-office repairs and cleaning
- Warranties
- Batteries

For professional hearing services in Sylvania, contact Hear-Rite Hearing Center now!


Hearing Aid Styles

- Invisible in canal
- Completely in canal
- In the canal
- In the ear
- Mini-receiver in canal
- Receiver in canal
- Mini behind the ear
- Behind the ear

Hearing Aids

- Imagine 2™ have Vivid Speech2 Technology and are barely noticeable.
- Invisible AMP™, designed for first-time users, is so small that others can’t see it.
- Invisible Miniscopic™, inserted deeply in the ear, has state-of-the art technology that is 100% programmable.
- Wireless Compatible Look™, which eliminates whistling and buzzing, streams TV, radio and stereo sound directly to your hearing aid.
- Wireless Compatible SDS™ features, with most advanced wireless technology, enhance listening to music, watching TV and talking on the phone.

Hearing Aid Accessories

SurfLink® Mobile is a wireless listening device, which can activate incoming calls and control volume. Here are some of the benefits:

- Hands-free phone conversations
- Ability to direct sounds to your hearing aid
- Enjoy music and TV listening at right volume

Online Tips and More

Hear-Rite Hearing Center helps patients in person and online. By extending themselves in every way possible, this dedicated team provides the following at www.hear-rite-now.com:

- Explanation of what to expect at your appoint
- Information about hearing aid repair service and cleaning
- Advice on how to select a hearing aid
- Patient intake form
- Hearing test
- Free consumer hearing guide
- Brochures
- Blog with helpful information
- Special offers

Hear-Rite Hearing Center in Sylvania offers a 30-day trial and accepts most insurance. Customers from Lucas County, Perrysburg and Bedford always trust this experienced team to do whatever is best for them.

When you need the most advanced and affordable hearing aids in Sylvania, you can count on Hear-Rite Hearing Center for a free hearing test, cleaning and video otoscope. You can also depend on these experienced professionals for in-office hearing aid repair service in Sylvania. Call or stop by Hear-Rite Hearing Center in the Sylvania Square Shopping Plaza at Sylvania and McCord for the best customer service today!

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