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Affordable Home, Auto & Other Insurance Plus Coverage for a Painting Contractor, Carpenters & Small Business Owners in Toledo, Ohio


The right insurance coverage for you means finding security and getting your money's worth. With Stoner Johnson Insurance Agency Inc., you will experience both.
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Toledo, Ohio 43609
United States
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Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
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It is rare to meet business owners who know their clients by their first name. But this personal approach is typical for Lee Stoner, owner of Stoner Johnson Insurance Agency Inc. who genuinely cares about clients’ individual needs. For Lee and a team of four experienced insurance agents, their goal is simply to provide great customer service.

Stoner Johnson Insurance Agency has been providing affordable insurance products to residents of Toledo since 1952. Since then, the company has evolved into what it is today: the most trusted insurance agency in Ohio.

Team of Highly Qualified Insurance Agents

The insurance agents at Stoner Johnson have extensive product knowledge. They can provide comprehensive answers to your most challenging questions about insurance. Besides helping you identify insurance policies that fit your specific circumstances, the experts at Stoner Johnson Insurance Agency will help you decipher the complicated language in insurance policies.

As a member to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Stoner Johnson Insurance Agency maintains the highest ethical standards. Over the years, these agents have taken great steps to offer personal attention. During an appointment without interruptions, their complete focus is on you!

You can depend on these experienced insurance agents for the following:

- Utmost respect for clients
- Knowledge that your time is valuable
- Prompt response to specific requests

Insurance Products

Whatever it is that you do in life, insurance helps protect you and your loved ones. This simple fact is why getting the right insurance coverage is crucial. Stoner Johnson Insurance Agency has a range of excellent insurance products.

Here are some of the insurance options at this reliable agency to make sure that you and your family are completely protected:

- Auto
- Home
- Life
- Small business

Some of the notable insurance products at Stoner Johnson Insurance Agency include auto and home insurance. Car owners can find insurance coverage for road mishaps, which can burn a hole in their pocket if they are not prepared in advance. Besides commercial auto insurance, Stoner Johnson Insurance Agency also has rental cars on standby for clients.

Providing clients with complete peace of mind, these agents also offer the most affordable homeowners’ policies. When you own a property that inevitably needs repairs, homeowners’ insurance coverage is absolutely essential. With the help of the experts at Stoner Johnson Insurance Agency, you can keep your home in the best condition for years of comfort and enjoyment.

Another area of expertise at this agency is individual and small business insurance. Stoner Johnson Insurance knows that new and small businesses need all the protection available. As a result, they provide the most complete and affordable insurance policies to keep you well covered.

Best Insurance Coverage in Toledo

If you need the best insurance coverage in Toledo, call Stoner Johnson Insurance Agency at 419-434-9653. Highly qualified agents will help you identify the right insurance coverage. They will guide you through the process of choosing among all of the options. You can also stop by the office at 2330 Airport Highway in Toledo, Ohio.

For more information about any type of insurance, send Lee an email at Check out the website at for additional details. Call Stoner Johnson Insurance Agency to schedule an appointment and find the most affordable insurance coverage in Toledo today!

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