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House, Garage & Basement Clean Ups Plus Demolition & Free Metal Pick Up in Toledo


Clean Up Man Mike literally does the dirty job for you—handling house, garage, attic and basement clean ups. If your front lawn or backyard is strewn with metal scraps after a house renovation project, this company gets the clean up job done quickly.
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Hours of Operation

Monday to Sunday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Is your house stuffed with piles of belongings, which you picked up at sales? Are your garage, attic and basement bulging with broken furniture and discarded pieces, which you don’t know how to unload? After years of living in the same home, you need the help of a professional crew for complete clean ups.

Michael Carrington and his cleaning crew at Clean Up Man Mike gladly save you from handling any dirty work. For 3 years, this company has provided prompt and dependable house, garage, attic, basement and yard clean ups for residents in Toledo. When you need to make a clean sweep of unwieldy items, you can also depend on Clean Up Man Mike for demolitions and free metal pick up.

Scraps from demolition and building projects are difficult to deal with if you don't have enough space on your property. In most cases, unnecessary clutter reduces the curb appeal of your house. For Toledo residents, Clean Up Man Mike is the most reliable hauling and cleanout service contractor in the area.

Efficient Demolition, Hauling and Clean Up System

Clean Up Man Mike and his crew have developed an efficient demolition, hauling, cleanout and pick up system to help clients. You can count on them for the following:

Affordable services
Experienced and qualified crew
Smooth operational process

Clean Up Man Mike does the job right and better that any other contractor in Toledo. Just call this crew when you are looking to hire a house and yard clean up or lawn maintenance service in Toledo, and they will do the rest!

Prompt and Reliable Service

No other hauling and cleanout company in Toledo does it like Clean Up Man Mike. Mike and his team have years of hauling and cleanout experience. So whenever you hire them, you are guaranteed top-quality service all the time.

Clean Up Man Mike provides many beneficial services. These include:

House cleanout
Free metal pickup
Yard cleanup

Cleanouts and Hauling

After a major renovation project, most homeowners don't know what to do with all of their unusable stuff. Metals and other items, which are not fit for consumption, should be disposed of carefully. There are local environmental policies that control where and how these metals are to be treated.

With the help of this experienced clean up crew, you don't have to worry about these important details. Clean Up Man Mike is qualified to handle your metal scraps and other discarded items safely and properly. You can depend on this reliable team wherever and whenever you need clean up services the most.

Do you have an old, out-of-commission car in your garage, which is just hogging space? Turn that piece of scrap metal into money! Clean Up Man Mike is also in the business of buying unwanted vehicles. You get the chance to earn and benefit from a clean garage, which can house a new car!

Hire a Clean Up Service Today

Don't let those metal scraps or messy yard compromise your safety. Call 419-549-5649, and a friendly Clean Up Man Mike staff member will be ready to answer any questions! You can also send Mike an email at and ask how he can haul away all that unnecessary stuff from your property.

To avoid safety hazards for you and your family, keep your house and yard scrap free. Don't wait for accidents to happen because of a mess. Call Clean Up Man Mike for house, garage, basement and attic clean ups plus demolition and free metal pick up service today!

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