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For 23 years, Advanced Carpet & Floor Care has provided professional residential and commercial installation and cleaning services at reasonable prices.
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Residential homeowners, commercial business and multi-housing units have depended on Advanced Carpet & Floor Care for more than two decades. Providing the most effective results, this company stands out for the following reasons:

Precise carpet installation
Effective residential and commercial carpet cleaning
Thorough furniture cleaning
Exact floor tile installation and cleaning service
Professional installation of laminates and ceramic floors

Right Company, Quality Floors

Did you know that changing the appearance of rooms in your home does not need to break the bank? Sometimes, updating small details can create more impact than undertaking huge projects and additional expenses.

One practical approach for freshening up the look of any room is changing the floors. With the proper installation of the right floor materials, you can alter the ambience of any room in your house. Carpets, tiles or laminates are the most common floor materials. The cost of installing these materials depends on many factors. The size of the room and cost of the material itself can significantly affect your budget.

The most important point to consider is hiring a reliable and reputable company to do the job. Advanced Carpet & Floor Care completes each project right the first time. From start to finish, these professionals provide you with quality, professionalism and expert skills every step of the way. They handle each floor, carpet or tile installation project with your complete satisfaction in mind.

Importance of Regular Cleaning

As many home and business owners know, carpets can be challenging to clean. If your house has wall-to-wall carpet, you face the task of making sure it stays clean every day. The downside to letting it remain dirty until you find the time to do that chore is that you put your family's health at risk.

Dirty carpets harbor bacteria and germs, which can cause serious diseases. If your kids have respiratory illnesses, the small specks of dust that cling to carpet fabrics can worsen their conditions. If they don't have these health problems yet, a constantly dirty carpet may increase the likelihood of these complications.

The good news is that you don't have to do the cleaning yourself! A much easier as well as more efficient and cost-effective approach is to let the expert staff members at Advanced Carpet & Floor Care do the cleaning for you. They have the skills and tools to complete this job properly.

Effective Cleaning Solutions

Advanced Carpet & Floor Care uses effective cleaning tools and solutions to make your carpets and floors look and smell fresh. This 23-year old company always does a thorough cleaning of every carpet or piece of furniture to rid them of odors and stains. If you have a dog or a cat, you may be one of the thousands of homeowners battling odor. With Advanced Carpet & Floor Care's pet odor control solution, your floor or furniture will eliminate any offensive smells completely.

Cleaning for a Cause

Dedication to every cleaning and installation service is always a part of the deal when you hire Advanced Carpet & Floor Care. A special commitment to giving back to the community has made this company a leader in Toledo.

Advanced Carpet & Floor Care regularly donates to the Food Bank to help less fortunate citizens. So, the next time you think of hiring a cleaning service, think of Advanced Carpet & Floor Care. It is your way of paying it forward!

Best Cleaning Service Deal

Good news for all seniors! Advanced Carpet & Floor Care combines reliable service with an affordable price. If you call this company for the best residential and commercial carpet cleaning services in Toledo now, you will get a 10% price off on any cleaning services for carpets and commercial spaces.

Do you want to see how fast these pros can help you prep your house for a party? Email Advanced Carpet & Floor Care at, or give them a call at 419-928-9299. You may also visit them at 5543 Christopher Court in Toledo, Ohio.

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