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Advantage Recovery Services Inc., with A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, provides industry-leading collection services to business of all sizes.
513 Garrison Avenue
Fort Smith, Arkansas 72901
United States
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Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Advantage Recovery Services Inc. has roots dating back to 1909, when local business owners needed assistance recouping funds from delinquent accounts. This debt collection agency in Fort Smith, AR, helps businesses of all sizes to collect money owed in a respectful manner. Highly effective staff members have extensive experience assisting the following:

-Medical and wellness facilities
-Professional services
-Property management
-Utility companies
-Many others

As one of the most effective debt collection agencies in Fort Smith, AR, Advantage Recovery Services has a collection rate well above the national average. Staff members work diligently on the accounts that are turned over to them. They follow up repeatedly rather than simply sending a couple of letters, making one call and filing a credit report—before never touching the account again.

To help your business collect debts, Advantage Recovery Services makes every effort to convert each and every account. These successful debt collectors work on your behalf and help you save time chasing overdue payments on outstanding invoices. They completely understand that every dollar matters.

Current IT Specialists Focus on Relationships

The current Advantage Recovery Services owners are IT specialists who consult and aid in leveraging technology to expedite information transfer and communication. They place supreme importance on relationships, taking a friendly and respectful approach to clients' debtors. With a goal of preserving clients’ business relationships, the staff members at Advantage Recovery Services believe in people and understand that they sometimes just need an opportunity to take responsibility.

They want to help those in debt find a way to meet their obligations with dignity and accountability. Although they are firm and hold people to their obligations, they do not use threatening tactics. The debt collectors at Advantage Recovery Services believe that this approach reflects poorly on the company and its clients, ultimately producing counterproductive results. Instead, friendly staff members are respectful but firm, ensuring maximum collection rates for clients.

Professional Affiliations and Distinctions

Advantage Recovery Services has multiple professional affiliations including the following:

-Association of Credit and Collection Professionals
-Better Business Bureau
-Consumer Data Industry Association
-Fort Smith Chamber of Commerce
-Springdale Chamber of Commerce

Advantage Recovery Services stands out in the industry for the following reasons:

-Collections legal (garnishments)
-Skip trace (tracking debtors down)
-Local Public Records Bulletin (yearly subscription)

Historic and Notable Location

Located in the heart of downtown Fort Smith, Advantage Recovery Services is located just three blocks from the highly anticipated U.S. Marshals Museum, which just broke ground. Fort Smith is a notable historic location.

The movie True Grit was based on U.S. Marshal activity based out of Fort Smith under the (in)famous Hanging Judge—Judge Parker. The Hanging Judge museum is also only a few blocks away. Next door to the new U.S. Marshals Museum, the only brothel on the historic registry (Miss Laura’s), now serves at the Visitors Center.

For more information about this medical collections agency in Fort Smith, AR, contact Advantage Recovery Services at 479-431-4478 or 1-­800-­364-­0337. The office is located at 513 Garrison Avenue, Fort Smith, AR 72901. Schedule a consultation!

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