Why a Business Needs Corporate Transportation

on 07/29/2015 - 08:02 am

Many businesses in various industries are now using corporate transportation for important meetings and big events. Managers benefit from corporate travel services because a limo is a great incentive. Employees benefit too since they don‘t have to pay for gas.


Boost Productivity

Corporate transportation gives employees more time to prepare for daily office tasks. This strategy helps everyone transition more efficiently into work mode.


Incentive for New Recruits

Most managers use corporate transportation Fort Smith AR to entice new recruits. Corporate transportation is a good incentive because employees get great accommodations in the limo.


Tax Benefits

There is a tax code that gives companies around $100 a month for each employee. The money helps managers cover vanpool and transit costs. When compared to salary increases, employees get more benefits from tax-free transportation. This is possible because the tax code eliminates federal income tax fees.

Green Benefits

When employees travel to work in a corporate limo, they reduce air pollution in the city. According to transportation experts, a typical limo service replaces about 700,000 single-passenger trips throughout the year. If more businesses used corporate shuttles in the United States, the country may save nearly 33 million gallons of fuel every day.

Cost Savings

If you own a small business, you can save a lot of money by using a shuttle service. At some point, your company will expand, so you may need more parking spacing for new employees. If everyone uses a limo, you won’t have to build a bigger parking area.

Impress Clients

Using a limo is a great way to impress new clients when they arrive in the city. Without a limo service, your clients may have problems finding your business if they do not know the area.


If you need corporation transportation, you can choose a limo bus or an SUV limo in Fort Smith. A corporate limo is very reliable, so your employees will always arrive to the office on time. To gather information about local services, visit http://bigmouthdirect.com/listing/affordable-limo-service-service-in-fort-smith-ar.html.


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