The Life of a Trucker

on 04/30/2014 - 04:41 pm

Truckers can be one of the most overlooked jobs. We see line haul drivers and huge fleets going down the highway on a regular basis, but we don't think much of it. We usually don't consider the people who are driving those monsters that have dedicated their lives to making sure we get all of the goods that we want on a daily basis.

Items don't just magically appear in your supermarket or grocery store - someone brought them there. It was almost certainly a truck driver that got those items from the manufacturer and up onto the shelves. But what goes into being a trucker? It's not as awful as you might think.

Sure there's long hours and sleepless nights, since many truck drivers are on a different schedule than most of us, but many truck drivers love the schedule. Many truck drivers say they love the life on the open road. Seeing a different city on a regular basis can be one of the best experiences. It's also fulfilling to some to know they'll be in another state or part of the country in a couple days. Do you like to travel and are looking for a new career? You might want to consider trucking.

What's even better than seeing other cities on a daily basis? Getting to vacation there. Many truckers choose to spend vacation time in one of the cities that they have to deliver to. As long as they don't have a job to get to right after they're finished, truckers can choose to stop and spend their vacation in a new and exciting city. Sometimes couples drive trucks together to travel and keep a career all at the same time.

Not only do truckers love driving, but they're skilled at it too. In order to be a truck driver, you have to go through extensive training and classes. Truck drivers have a special designation on their license that enables them to drive those massive fleets. Truckers are some of the most skilled individuals on the road, and they are trained to be attentive to ensure the most safety on the road.

Some truckers are even their own bosses. Whether they own their own truck or contract out for other trucking companies, owner operators are some of the happiest people on the road. It's an exciting business when you're the only person you have to answer to. Even if a trucker is part of a trucking company, they still have a lot of freedom in their career and what they're doing. Benefits often come with those companies too, and there's lots of perks in trucking careers.

Whether you're looking for a career in trucking or even looking for a shipping company to partner with, trucking companies are skilled and resourceful. Being a trucker or working with a trucker is an interesting experience, and you learn so much about a career that you might not ever experience otherwise.

What do you think about the trucking industry? Have you ever considered a career in driving trucks? Or maybe you are a trucker and want to share your experiences. Share with us below.


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