The Abiding Fascination for Audi!

on 02/04/2016 - 09:55 am

People just cannot get enough of the Audi and there is ample reason fueling this infinite appeal.


Numerous high-end brands are flooding the automobile market today. Each spells luxury and class with a set of charismatic features and sophisticated style. So, what is it about the acclaimed AUDI that makes it continue to hold sway over the elite classes? Why do people still covet owning an Audi and yearn to get behind the wheel of this stylish vehicle?


Reasons to buy an Audi

Those four interconnected rings have a charm of their own. Here’s why:


  • This German automobile is sleek and solid. The classy lines always carry a broad and attractive appeal.
  • Comfort is obviously imperative. Audi interiors are known to be spacious, intuitive and ergonomic as well.
  • Every model in the Audi lineup is packed with top of the line features, some very exclusive and unique to Audi itself. It covers everything from hi-tech navigation systems to cutting edge entertainment units and everything in between. For instance, day time running LED lights or a touchpad that can read your handwriting in the new Audi A6!
  • The range of choice itself is mind-boggling as Audi has one of the biggest and most varied model line-ups of any car brand. It’s not just about superminis, SUVs and supercars, but powerful racing cars as well. There definitely is something for everyone!
  • Every car is meticulously carved and precision is always foremost. Top safety is assured.
  • An Audi is always a dependable ride due to fewer breakdowns and repair costs.
  • It’s complete value for money despite the steep price tag. Fuel efficiency is another feather in the cap.
  • It is actually environment friendly and electric vehicles are also on offer.
  • Above all, driving an Audi is an experience in itself. The power and performance is absolute fun and second to none! It wins on all counts from acceleration to steering and braking.


No wonder every second celebrity is regularly spotted stepping in or out of an Audi! The world is zipping around in an Audi, are you?


For those of you who haven’t started considering it yet, do ensure that your next car purchase is nothing but an Audi! And when you are browsing for the sleekest and broadest range of Audi cars to choose from, look no further than Benzel Busch Motor Corp.


This premium car dealership offers a wide range of new and used Audis that are sure to leave you gaping. Take a test drive that will feel like nothing you have experienced before!  Additionally, it provides outstanding Audi and Mercedes Benz repair and maintenance services in NJ on its premises. This will further ensure that your prized set of wheels continues to shine and run just like new. Courtesy: Audi and Mercedes Benz repair in NJ!


What do you find particularly irresistible about the Mercedes? Please share your views in the comments section below. 


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