Tattoo Removal Is Fast and Easy

on 08/21/2015 - 09:04 am

The tattoo removal industry is big and very successful. Millions of people in North American visit laser ablation clinics each year. However, thanks to new advancements, a Canadian student developed a new cream that eliminates a tattoo in a safe, gentle way.

About the Cream

Many tattoo cover up ideas Northwest Arkansas are developed by industry experts. Alec Falkenham made a cream while attending Dalhousie University. The advanced formula is called Bisphosphonate Liposome Tattoo Removal. He designed the cream by examining how the body reacts to tattoo ink. The product is effective because it has macrophages, which are white blood cells that protect tissues by consuming foreign material. 

The Macrophages

Typically, two unique macrophage groups spring into action after the cream is applied on the skin. One group attacks the pigment by draining lymph nodes. The other macrophages travel deeper beneath the skin and create a visible tattoo. Over time, the components that formed the old tattoo will be replaced by new macrophages. When this happens, the image will look blurred or faded. The cream effectively reconstructs the pigment because it contains a unique liposome, which was developed by Falkenham’s team. A liposome is an artificial vesicle that is used by pharmaceutical drug industries. 

When the macrophages travel, they move the pigment to various lymph nodes. This is how the product fades a tattoo. Because the components attack a specific area, users get better, more targeted results without damaging cells in surrounding areas.

Development Procedures 

During the development process, Falkenham’s team used a unique composition to test how efficiently vitro worked with the product. The experts also tested users who applied the product every seven days. The team noticed dramatic reductions at the end of the study. According to Falkenham, a treatment for a tattoo that is 15 inches would cost around $4.00.

There are many other ways to remove a tattoo at a low cost. If you need information about laser removal techniques in Arkansas, visit


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