Riding Smart with smart!

on 02/23/2016 - 08:29 am

All you wanted to know about the compact smart car and why you should be picking up one right now.


City life is anything but a breeze! Take getting around for instance – people will swear that they spend almost half their life on the road, and a good part of it in looking for appropriate parking space.


The passion for behemoth luxury sedans and SUVs starts fizzling out prematurely as the drivers try to negotiate bumper-to-bumper traffic, especially in peak hours. Add to this the impracticable hope of finding a standard parking bay that they can slide into! Not to mention the ridiculous amounts of fuel the vehicle seems to guzzle up by the minute….


You find yourself inordinately wishing for something small and comfortable that could be maneuvered easily and yet looks elegant and drives well.


Well, you aren’t wishing for the moon as the unbelievably compact ‘smart’ car is the answer to all your problems!


Why smart?

Smart is indeed a small and sleek city car that is perfect for everyday urban life. The unique and trimmed down design affords smart owners the agility to zip in and out of even rush hour traffic, easily negotiate on narrow streets and quickly shoot into the first parking space they find. In fact, the maneuverability is top-class and the car can truly fit almost anywhere!


Despite the short and narrow dimensions, smart cars are well-equipped and manage to pack a punch on every level. The Daimler engine from Germany is powerful enough and the distinctive Tridion safety cell ensures passenger safety on all counts. The interiors are surprisingly spacious, even in the rear engine and real-wheel two seater smart ForTwo versions.


The colorful, joyous little cars are extremely fuel efficient and environment friendly as well. Both gas and electric options are also available. The utility is not just limited to city driving as it is game for handling freeways and countryside roads too.


Smart owners can enjoy a lot of perks as well. A free car2go membership allows complimentary access to a set of smart wheels in over 10 cities in the US and Canada. Other smart apps figure in helpful and fun features and even allow you to connect with other drivers. Attractive care and service plans further help you to maintain peak performance always.


In short, smart cars are always a joy to ride on city roads. What’s more, you can even design your own personalized smart with the exclusive ‘tailor made’ program.


So don’t pay any further heed to the naysayers…go smart with smart to start getting around easily! You will find many top smart dealerships and attractive lease deals in NJ. Special offers and incentives are always available, irrespective of whether you are going for through new purchase, certified used or lease deals in NJ.


And once you get your hands on a smart, very soon you will be wondering how you went so long without it!


What do you find particularly irresistible about the smart car? Please share your views in the comments section below. 


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