Restaurant Selling Guide

on 09/08/2015 - 11:06 am

If you plan ahead, you can sell your restaurant without any hassles. According to experts, there are several things that must be considered during the planning phase.

Keep the Business Stable

You will attract many potential buyers if you track your cash flow and business expenses. By proving that your business is profitable, the restaurant will more likely sell.

Understand the Restaurant’s Value and Terms

If you have a mortgage, determine how much you have to pay on the existing loan. Then, study the current interest rates for the loans and figure out a fair price by calling a realtor. You can also get advice by contacting the nearest sell my business Fort Lauderdale FL specialist. 

If you have a lease, potential buyers will need to know the lease terms. To set new terms, talk to the property management company. An early termination is worth considering if you plan to sell the restaurant quickly.

Track the Assets 

Although highly advanced kitchen devices are valuable, they usually depreciate after each use. To impress potential clients, give them your maintenance reports and warranty information.

Sell the Bonuses 

A well-trained staff and a classically designed menu are important to buyers. By selling the restaurant as a commodity, you can easily bundle these bonuses.

Maintenance Concerns

If the property around your restaurant is safe and neat, more prospects will make an offer. A well-maintained business should have groomed grass that is free of weeds. In the building, the floors and tables must be tidy and clean.

Legal Concerns

Ensure that each device in the kitchen is legally yours. Do not sell leased equipment because you will run into legal problems down the road. 

If the business has additional owners, you may not have the right to sell it legally. If one individual owns half of the company, you cannot sell the share without a legal agreement.

Financial Concerns

To determine a proper asking price, contact a real estate agent and request an appraisal. After you get an option, you can decide if your asking price is fair.

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