“Re-Fuelling” the Tank

on 02/23/2016 - 08:05 am

Heating oil tanks often get empty in the midst of the winter season. Here’s what you can do to avoid bearing with the cold weather at such times.


When temperatures begin to decline, what is the first thought which crosses your mind? Like most home owners, even your primary concern may be to stock up heating oil for your oil heat systems. However, what if the winter spell lasts longer than expected? What if you use up more oil than expected to heat your home? What if the heating oil company is unable to replenish heating oil due to the snow-blocked roads? In such case, will you just be left to bear the chill down your spine and live in uncomfortably “cold” conditions?

A piece of advice


If your oil heat system stops functioning in the middle of the night, it may not essentially be the lack of oil supply from the tank to the burner. It could just be a service problem. So, before you call your heating oil company for oil supply and pay a premium price for emergency delivery, ensure that the problem is indeed an “empty” tank.


Well, if the problem is an empty tank, then here’s what you must do.



Did you know that diesel and kerosene can be substituted for heating oil for your oil heat system? So, the best step you can take is to approach the nearest gas station and purchase diesel to re-start your heating system. However, remember to use an appropriate container, which is safe for inflammable liquids. Even your camping jug can serve the purpose. The minimum quantity should ideally be one that can hold five gallons of oil. Diesel fuel can conveniently be used in the oil heat systems without altering any of its settings.


So, simply add the diesel fuel to the oil tank and your heating system will be up and running. However, you may have to push the red reset button more than once to bleed the air out of the fuel line. Sometimes, bleeding out the air may require other manual intervention. Moreover, diesel fuel is more expensive that heating oil, as diesel fuel has a road tax attached to it at the point of sale.


To avoid bleeding out air or paying a premium price for diesel fuel, ensure that your oil tank never goes below the one-fourth level. If you are a member in good standing with an oil company, then they anticipate the time to refill the oil tank. They provide local diesel fuel delivery services in Ramsey, NJ; much before your tank is empty.  These companies also provide emergency services in case the oil used up is more than expected and your tank goes below the one-fourth level much before than you anticipated.


One such heating oil company, which provides exceptional local diesel fuel delivery services in Ramsey, NJ is Ramsey’s Oil. They are one of the most dependable suppliers of heating oil in Ramsey, NJ. Their services are fairly priced and they proudly claim to run successfully with the primary motto of providing their customers with a healthy and comfortable home environment. 


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