Prompt After School Shuttle Service For Hollywood, FL Students

on 09/08/2015 - 08:24 am

Hollywood, Florida students who need transportation after school is out are in good hands courtesy of Perfect Ride, a company that was launched in 2010. Perfect Ride offers safe and prompt student transportation services to area residents. 

Quality Shuttle Service

If you're a Hollywood, Florida parent who can't pick your child up after a long school day, don't fret. Perfect Ride provides door-to-door transportation for children as young as kindergarten age all the way into the college years. The company's fleet is composed of private and clean passenger vans that routinely undergo professional maintenance service.

Prompt and Dependable Transportation 

For after school shuttle service Hollywood, FL parents can trust, no other company can compete with Perfect Ride. The drivers at Perfect Ride are all mothers who are 100 percent focused on child safety. They also all possess a lot of driving experience. Timeliness is extremely important for the Perfect Ride team. Students never have to wait for Perfect Ride to pick them up and take them home after school. When you depend on Perfect Ride, you can always feel confident in the knowledge that your child will be back home promptly and safely.

Strong Communication

Strong communication is always a major priority for the devoted staff at Perfect Ride. The company's drivers always maintain strong communication with students by text messages and voicemail. If a student for some reason fails to show up for pickup after school, his Perfect Ride driver will contact him and his parents without even a second of delay.

Peace of Mind

Hollywood, Florida parents who have a lot of day-to-day obligations can depend on Perfect Ride to always provide the greatest after school transportation service in the area, hands down. If you're a parent who works a full-time job and just can't make it to your child's school every afternoon to pick him up and take him home, Perfect Ride is exactly what you need in your life. Call Perfect Ride as soon as possible to learn more about what they can do for you and your child. They're always happy to answer questions.


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