Promote Functional Strength through Strength Training

on 01/08/2015 - 11:20 pm

trainors lifting weightsman and woman working out with kettlebell and dumbell

Strength training is the repetition of resistance-based exercises that ultimately makes our muscles stronger. These exercises take the form of performing against a resistance and are completely different from bodybuilding. Although both use the same technique, the training method, end result and primary aim is different. While in bodybuilding the aim is to enhance the muscles and body size, strength training focuses on overall wellness and fitness training, which incorporates losing weight and training muscles at the same time.

A good strength training program in Springdale, AR will focus on making the muscles more efficient while making sure to not damage the muscle. While bodybuilding is more muscle based, strength training is more nervous system based, thus in a good program you will be trained to send stronger impulses to the muscle group for better performance. It should focus on performing heavy weights and low repetitions, rather than strict pump or burn approaches. When you are training specifically to gain more strength, your nervous system will learn to activate a greater proportion of the muscle fibers thus helping to increase your strength. Following a strength training regiment will result in more strength without much of an increase in size.

In order to get stronger, physical strength is not everything. One has to train their brain and nervous system because it has more power to manipulate your overall strength than anything else. One of the most effective ways of doing that would be lifting heavy weights as it helps to develop and strengthen the connection between mind and muscle. To gain strength in a balanced way, rather than opting for frequent trainings, one has to train regularly and often so that they are benefitted by the training. The workouts should be short but intense and should help you gain the right strength.

One should understand that a strength training method is useful for the development of:

  • Muscle volume

  • Maximum muscle strength

  • Doggie muscle strength and

  • Static muscle strength

Different training programs have different training techniques and different end results. Choosing the right exercise program is as important as using correct form during the exercise. The recovery period is shorter for strength training than the recovery period of mass-gaining exercises because strength building exercises train the nervous system equally as much as the muscles. Barbell squats, kettlebell training and pull ups are great exercises for strength training.

Even if your fitness goal demands for effective results, you should not rush into things. Rather than going for vigorous training sessions, you should also learn to get adequate rest so that you are able to perform better and have better physical and mental strength. Resting within the exercises is also recommended, as it will help you to recharge for the next session. Also since the strength training is not about breaking muscles, you will notice little soreness after the workout. You should train yourself to gain effective strength and not to exert unnecessary pain or pressure.

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