Mercedes Roadside Assistance the Benzel-Busch Way

on 12/07/2015 - 12:04 pm

Mercedes Benz and Benzel-Busch together guarantee peace of mind to Mercedes owners with the complimentary roadside assistance service that can deal with any emergency anywhere.


The possibility of facing a vehicle emergency on a highway hardly ever crosses our minds. Not until the battery chooses to go dead suddenly or the car stalls suddenly with the fuel gauge surprisingly swinging too low. An engine breakdown or even just a flat tire can leave you stranded for hours with the option of either imploring a friend to come to your rescue or worse come worse, sticking out your thumb and hoping for the best!


Well, as an owner of a luxury car, you shouldn’t be left high and dry every time a crisis comes knocking. And this is where Mercedes Benz pips every other luxury car brand to the post!


Mercedes has an innovative and invaluable 24 hour roadside assistance program in place. You can avail the service whenever:


  • You have a sudden flat tire – the technicians will replace it with a spare.
  • The battery goes dead – they will deliver a jumpstart.
  • You accidently run out of fuel - a few gallons will be filled in the tank to bail you out.
  • You are involved in an accident or face a mechanical issue - the car will be towed to the nearest authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer.


The carmaker will dispatch technicians anywhere, anytime (24/7 and 365 days a year) to help customers tide over the above unforeseen eventualities. The service is certainly complimentary and additional charges will apply only in very unique circumstances. For instance, in case of towing, the Mercedes Benz repair or service has to be availed at the Mercedes dealership in NJ to which the vehicle was towed. Otherwise, a fee of $150 will be applicable.


All that the Mercedes owner has to do is contact the company by – calling the Roadside Assistance 800 number, connecting through the Roadside Assistance mobile app or pushing the Wrench Button (for vehicles that have mbrace). It’s quick, convenient and the support will arrive in a jiffy!


Eligibility requirements  

The complimentary emergency roadside assistance is extended to eligible vehicles only. To qualify for the assistance, the Mercedes either should be under a Mercedes-Benz warranty (can be new vehicle limited warranty, extended limited warranty, certified pre-owned warranty) or have been purchased directly from an authorized Mercedes Benz dealership prior to January 4, 2011.


As Benzel-Busch Motor Corp. is one of the premier authorized Mercedes dealership and also offers Mercedes Benz repair in NJ, the assistance is always extended to all Mercedes-Benz customers (subject to the eligibility clause). Mercedes owners can always call a Benzel-Busch Customer Care representative for further information.


Moreover, out-of-warranty Mercedes Benz owners have the option to purchase individual roadside services through the Mercedes Benz Customer Assistance Center.


 In sum, you can drive your Benz with an easy mind always as round the clock assistance from Mercedes is always just a call away!


Share your experiences with Mercedes emergency roadside assistance in the comments section below. 


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