Making Memorable Celebrations!

on 02/04/2016 - 09:57 am

Here’s how you can make your kid’s birthday special without throwing a party.


Your child’s birthday is indeed a special day; for you and him. You can never forget the joy of giving birth to your little one, when he was as little as you even feared holding him right. You certainly want your little one to feel special on that day, when he came into the world, right into your arms.


So, how do you want to celebrate your little one’s birthday? Till your little one was little, that is as young as four to eight years old, he would probably be happy with anything and everything you did for his birthday celebrations. However, as the kids grow and turn into pre-teenagers, they would definitely have a say in their birthday parties. Don’t be surprised if your young one wants to go beyond balloons, whistles and hula-hula.


Changing the Plans

While you may still be keen on hosting a birthday party at home for your child, he may look for something else. So, why not work out something else?


Here are a few ideas for your little one, who doesn’t deem himself little anymore.


  • Movies: See if a good movie is happening in town. You could give him the choice of going with you or with his friends. Call for the tickets in advance and plan for the show.
  • Slumber Party: If slumber party was not yet on the cards, you can work it out now.
  • Bowling: If your kid loves bowling, take him there. Once again, the choice is to be with family or friends. He can certainly have a gala time with his friends.
  • Amusement Park: Amusements parks are mostly fun-filled at any age. Sometimes, even I enjoy the slides and swings at the park. Why not let the children enjoy in nature’s bounty with the greenery, swings, see-saws and more.
  • Skating, Golf, Football or Cricket: If your kid is a sports enthusiast, then you can host a party involving his favorite game. Have a football party at a football ground or skating in a skating ring. His friends and he are bound to have a blast teaming up for their favorite game.
  • Family Dinner: A family dinner with near and dear ones at a family restaurant in Bergen County is yet another great way to celebrate the special day. You could have a close-knit family dinner, while making your child feel how much he means to you and how much you love him.


One such family restaurant in Bergen County is East Coast Burger Company. They serve delicious burgers of a vast variety and amazing condiments. Team up the burger or hot dog with a delicious salad or fries. You are bound to keep asking for more. Wind up the celebration with ice-cream. A sweet ending to a sweet day!


Birthdays are special, regardless of how they are celebrated. It’s the thought and love that counts.


So, pour in more ideas for kids’ birthday parties. Waiting to hear how you celebrated or would like to celebrate the “BIRTH” day of your bundle of joy.  


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