Loaner Transportation Facility By Benzel Busch

on 08/28/2015 - 09:25 am

Benzel Busch offers free loaner transportation facility to all vehicle service and repair customers, except for collision repair.


My Mercedes Benz was due for a major servicing overhaul. The oils, coolant, spark plugs and radiator had to be checked, while the oil filter and transmission would likely need replacement. I kept postponing the service checkup due to my work commitments and hectic schedule.


Finally, the growling car wouldn’t let me put it off any longer and I called up the car dealership, Benzel Busch Motor Car Corp. for a service appointment. I have heard that the company provides excellent Mercedes Benz repair and service facilities in NJ.


I told the customer executive point blank that I still cannot spare the time to visit the service center and twiddle my thumbs while the checks are carried out. The customer care representative immediately checked his records and informed me that the minor maintenance services would take almost the whole day (long delayed, like I just mentioned) and there was no point in hanging around in the well-equipped customer waiting area on the premises. I grunted that I wouldn’t do that anyway and he instantly offered me a courtesy pickup and drop as I was located within the 10 mile radius - in Rockland.


I continued to rue about how I would manage my workday without my wheels and the need to arrange alternative transport options. The executive took the bait and offered free Mercedes Benz loaner transportation for the duration of the service.


He told me that since the maintenance services could not really be expedited as an express one, I would qualify for a loaner vehicle. I would have the car at my disposal and can use it until the service was complete.


Thrilled with the service

The service appointment was fixed for the following week and I arrived at the Englewood service center bang on time. After handing over my Mercedes, I quickly availed some refreshments in the impressive waiting lounge. A technician talked me through the state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment that will be used to tune up my car while leading me to my loaner vehicle for a day.


I was impressed by the extensive loaner fleet maintained by the company as well as the fact that the Mercedes assigned to me looked to be in excellent condition.


The executive checked my driver’s license and insurance requirements before informing me that I alone was permitted to drive the loaner vehicle. I assured him of this and cheered the thoughtful loaner transportation perk. He clarified that the free Mercedes Benz loaner transportation is provided to all customers for Mercedes Benz repair and service in NJ, with the exception of collision repair. As I was driving away, he requested that I should return the loaner Mercedes on a timely basis.


My car service was completed within the timeframe and I happily exchanged the loaner vehicle for my own without feeling any major dent in my work schedule!


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