Industrial Products in Virginia

on 09/06/2015 - 07:12 am

If you need to find quality industrial cleaning products in Hampton, Virginia, Coastal Industrial LTD is available to assist you. The esteemed family-operated company has been in business since 2001. 

Diligent and Hard-Working Professionals

If you're in need of first-rate and trustworthy industrial cleaning products, Coastal Industrial LTD is at your service. People who need products that can help them with the upkeep of city, industrial and federal tools can rely on the hard-working staff at Coastal Industrial LTD. The professionals who work at the company possess a total of 160 plus years of operational and sales background.

Company Clients

People who are looking for the best commercial cleaners Hampton, VA has to offer don't have to look any further than Coastal Industrial LTD. Coastal Industrial LTD specializes in equipment, tools and lubricants that cater to many diverse kinds of clients. Examples of these various clients are federal agencies, manufacturing plants, contractors, truck fleets, food processing factories, municipalities and ship owners. 

Affordable Prices

People who need industrial products but don't want to have to spend a lot of money can depend on Coastal Industrial LTD time and time again. The priority at the company is to offer the finest products around at highly budget-friendly prices.

Types of Available Products

Cathy Russell is the head of Coastal Industrial LTD. She's equipped with close to 30 years of expertise in commercial cleaning chemicals. She can help customers with a large selection of industrial products such as safety supplies, chemicals, degreasers, cleaners, grease traps, drain traps, asphalt patches and water treatments. Many different kinds of entities have turned to Coastal Industrial LTD for their industrial lubricant needs. These entities include crane contractors, the military, educational systems, area colleges and even asphalt manufacturers.

Superior Customer Service

Superior, reliable customer service is always the top objective at Coastal Industrial LTD. When you're looking for first-rate industrial products in the Hampton, Virginia region, you're sure to be impressed by the prominent company's commitment to making their customers smile. Contact Coastal Industrial LTD without delay for more information on all of the company's available industrial products.


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