How I Chose My Car Dealer

on 11/29/2015 - 05:20 pm

Selecting the right car dealership is as monumental as choosing the right car for your needs.


I have been wanting to buy a luxury car like Mercedes or Audi for quite some time. I had done the homework and the premium price tag was in keeping with my lifestyle and size of checkbook too!


Now the only question was – where do I buy the car from? I asked a few friends and they recommended some popular dealerships around me. I switched to the internet again for a more thorough research of the best automobile dealerships. On reading customer reviews and experiences, one name kept popping up again and again – Benzel-Busch Motor Corp.


I vaguely remembered passing the dealership on a few occasions and decided to delve further. The complaints were surprisingly few and far between as most clients seemed to rave about their purchase experience.


I still wanted to personally check out a few dealerships to get a firsthand feel of the place. My first two stops seemed a little dubious and one had some shady personnel too. So I quickly moved on to Benzel-Busch’s Englewood outlet.


I must say I was quite impressed with the place in general and particularly the responsiveness and attention to detail accorded by the friendly and courteous staff! One salesperson asked about my requirements, openly answered my queries and seemed quite cooperative. What I was particularly glad to see was that no one was goading me to make a purchase!


A systematic process seemed to be in place and I left after picking up some brochures. Both the purchase and lease deals in NJ looked lucrative, but I still wanted to study the pricing and rebate data at my leisure.


On further prodding, I was quite delighted to find that Benzel-Busch has been in business for almost half a century. The family-owned dealership seems to have a sound reputation for honesty, integrity and trust. It is also one of the largest Mercedes-Benz dealers today!


What especially swung the decision for me is not the attractive lease deals in NJ, but the outstanding repair and maintenance services offered by Benzel-Busch. They have expertly trained technicians and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment at the service centers in Northern New Jersey. Complimentary 36-point inspection, free car wash, express services, loaner transportation and emergency roadside assistance are just some of the additional services extended as a matter of course.


Fully satisfied, I went ahead and picked up a Mercedes Benz C300 from the dealership. The process was smooth and the staff ensured that I was comfortable with every step. The manager also dealt with matters in a straightforward manner that exceeded my expectations on every level.


Done with the purchase, I still don’t have any misgivings about the deal or dealership at all. The customer focus and attention is truly unparalleled! Now I never hesitate to recommend Benzel-Busch to other car buyers either.


What factors do you consider when choosing a car dealership? Share your views in the comments section below. 


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