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Loaner Transportation Facility By Benzel Busch

Benzel Busch offers free loaner transportation facility to all vehicle service and repair customers, except for collision repair.
My Mercedes Benz was due for a major servicing overhaul. The ... Read More >

Automotive Transmission Maintenance Guide

A transmission should be flushed every 30,000 miles. However, in some cases, a transmission may need to be flushed more often.
Strange Sounds
If a transmission is covered with sludge ... Read More >

Don't Panic Over the "Check Engine" Light

A “Check Engine” light may go off unexpectedly, causing the driver to worry. The light is not that drastic in most cases, although it can indicate impending severity. A specialist in Bento ... Read More >

Keep Your Car in Top Condition for Family Safety and Summer Road Trips

Now that it’s summer, our family has a favorite saying with two simple words: “Road Trip!” We can all be in different rooms of our house when one of us calls out our theme song at th ... Read More >

The Life of a Trucker

Truckers can be one of the most overlooked jobs. We see line haul drivers and huge fleets going down the highway on a regular basis, but we don't think much of it. We usually don't consider the people ... Read More >

Auto and Home Insurance Information for Your Budget

For auto and home owners, insurance is a practical—and essential—part of life. Because all of these factors can eat into a substantial part of your budget, it’s important to find an ... Read More >

Trust Your Car With a Dealership

Car repairs can really get you down. With your car in the shop, you can't get to work, you can't run errands, and your life is almost put on hold. Car repairs don't have to be the end of the world tho ... Read More >

Best Used Car Dealer Offering Safety Tips and Bad Credit Auto Financing

When you’re driving on roads that have taken a beating from severe weather, focusing on safe driving is particularly important. Unexpected potholes often force drivers to swerve quickly, causing ... Read More >

Get The Car of Your Dreams at A Fraction of The Cost

You know, we'd all love to own a brand new car outright. For some of us, that just isn't an option. New cars are expensive, and we all know that they lose their value as soon as you drive off the lot. ... Read More >

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