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on 02/23/2016 - 08:17 am

A relaxing walk in a beautiful lawn after a hectic day at work rejuvenates you.  A lawn outside your house not only increases the value of your property but also gives an additional option of outdoor living. Having a barbeque facility or a fire pit gives it a lounge like feel and becomes a place of relaxation as well as entertainment for your friends and family. It becomes an ideal place of outdoor social gathering. It is essential to design your lawn or garden appropriately as per your taste and requirement and hence you need your site to be analyzed by a professional landscaper. They can give expert suggestions about the landscape, the lighting, plantations, stone patios and irrigation. These are some of the important aspect while designing your garden.


A professional landscaping service provider offers a multitude of services as well as the maintenance of your scenic garden.  The lush greenery of your lawn can be made as per your requirement. You can have it ready almost immediately on the day of installation. It is a quick process where rolls of grass are brought and laid out on the area and there you have an instant lush green lawn ready. There is also a longer technique which is basically spraying of a mixture of water, fertilizer, grass seed and growth stimulant on the area to form a green mat. Gradually grass will begin to grow with proper irrigation and appropriate weather condition. Landscape service providers also analyses the irrigation requirement of your garden or lawn. Generally custom design is recommended as each lawn area differs in its water requirement.


Lighting plays a vital role in the usage of your lawn. Lighting should be arranged in such a way that it can the ambience pristine and as well lets you enjoy outdoor life with your family and friends even at night. There are also special lights available that helps in keeping certain insects at bay. Lighting should also be ensuring safe and secure environment around the house. Another important aspect that pertains to the scenic view of the garden is the plantation. You can choose from a wide variety of plants to maintain the aromatic environment. You can have perennial garden or different types of seasonal flower. You can also opt for custom stone work for your patios, walls, terraces, steps, pillars etc with different types of stones as per taste and feel.


Maintaining your garden or lawn is necessary to retain its scenic view. Maintenance services like spring and fall clean up, leaf clearing , lawn aeration, bed maintenance, seasonal flower planting, insect control, weed control etc. plays a predominant role, in order to have the same relaxation and entertainment all throughout. Visit : http://businesses.northjersey.com/listing/landscape-design-ideas-property-and-lawn-maintenance-services-in-wyckoff.html


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