Express Service Takes The Hassle Out Of Vehicle Maintenance

on 09/18/2015 - 11:09 am

Benzel Busch offers express maintenance services on an accelerated basis to avoid wasting the valuable time of customers.


Benzel Busch Motor Car Corp. is not only a premier automobile dealership offering attractive purchase and lease deals in NJ, but also provides specialist maintenance and repair services through its network of authorized service centers.


In fact, Benzel Busch is a Certified Premier Express Service Dealer that values the customers’ time and convenience.


What usually happens is that a car owner has to drive all the way to a remote service center every time he needs to get the oil changed, filters cleaned, tires corrected and brake fluid exchanged. The vehicle has to be left in the workshop overnight (or even longer, at times) while the owner arranges to go back and come again the next day for pickup.


Not having your car at your disposal is a decided nuisance indeed! And even if the center provides shuttle service, rental vehicles or loaner transportation, a huge chunk of valuable time ends up wasted.


Think Benzel Busch, think FAST!

Benzel Busch is committed to providing exceptional service to all its customers. It offers expedited services whenever you drive in, without the need for an appointment. The regular service will be completed on the spot, while you watch the technicians at work, shop at the on-site boutique for accessories or enjoy the varied facilities in the comfortable customer lounge.


The express ‘while you wait’ service is available Monday through Saturday (check specific hours) and no appointment is needed. It includes:


Service A – It will be completed within 45 minutes or the service is free. It is applicable for maintenance service at 10,000 miles or 1 year, motor oil or oil filter replacement, tire inflation check and correction, fluid level checks and corrections, brake component inspection and so on.


Service B - It will be completed within 1.5 hours or the service is free. Apart from the above mentioned services, it also includes service at 20,000 miles or 2 years, cabin dust/combination filter replacement and brake fluid exchange.


Express brake fluid replacement – This is available as a separate service or can be combined with Service A too.


The express services are not just faster but cost you less too. However, the specific service plan will depend on your vehicle’s year of manufacture and model number.


All services are performed by factory-trained technicians using hi-tech equipment and tools and with factory-approved parts and accessories. The service advisor will inspect your vehicle and may suggest additional maintenance or repair work, if required. You can get it done along with the service, with some additional time allowance or schedule it for another visit.


Benzel Busch even offers free car wash on every service, including express services. However, you have to allow 10 to 15 minutes extra if availing the wash.


Indeed, the express service is individualized, convenient and time saving too. Your vehicle is back on the road even before you know it! And you can take advantage of attractive lease deals in NJ too.


Suggest further advantages of the express service program in the comments section below. 


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