Effective Way to Build Children’s Independence: Summer Camp Transportation in Hollywood, FL

on 06/01/2015 - 10:41 am

Let me start by freely confessing that, with my first child, I was a hoverer. Before I even had a baby, I honestly wondered how I would ever let him breathe. My basic nature is to worry, so you know that I was standing over his crib nearly every minute of the day.


As Johnny started to grow up, he let me know clearly that he needed some space and independence. My second child, Kim, ran even further with the same baton. I realized, in terror, that if I didn’t loosen my grip, my kids would end up moving to the other side of the planet.


Oprah is right: You keep getting the same lesson until you learn what’s needed. OK, maybe she said something slightly different, but you catch my drift! You can see that my mind holds lots of different thoughts, so hang in there with me while I get my story back on track.


Sending My Kids Off to School


When I needed to send the kids off to school, I was literally shaking. I totally embarrassed them, so before long, they made me stay inside the house. I hid behind the curtain and chanted my mantra, even after the last wheel of my husband's car was out of sight:


Let my kids come home safely. Isn't that every parent's prayer?


Eight agonizing hours later, I could finally breathe when they tumbled back into the house. Laughing or screaming, I didn’t care. My babies were back home.


After a while, my husband couldn't take them to school because of work obligations. We have only one car, so I started to look for a school transportation service. For a test run, I dug down deep and found the courage to send them to camp.


Making a Structured Summer Plan


Last year, I started with a plan for the summer, which loomed endlessly ahead. If I didn’t provide my kids with some structure, I knew that video games would swallow them whole.  


Luckily, I learned about a transportation service that other mothers operate. These kind women, who check regularly via voice and text messages about any schedule changes, could help with summer camp transportation in Hollywood, FL.


Now, my summer prayers were answered!


I could send my kids off to camp, where they could have fun. I would also have peace of mind that they were in safe in small, clean, private passenger vans. Most of all, they would be traveling with an experienced driver—another mother with a watchful eye!


Well, I must tell you that my kids completely blossomed during summer camp last year. Johnny met some of his best friends who have promised to remain pals for life. Kim took some dance and piano lessons, which have made her happier than ever before.


They begged me to go back to summer camp again this year. Now, that we know about this safe transportation service, I didn't hesitate for a second. This year, we're all looking forward to summertime activities, when my kids hope to meet yours and make some new friends.


Your Tips for Helping Children Spread Their Wings


Can you share your tips for building children’s independence and keeping them busy during the summer? Post them in the comments section below. Then, schedule summer camp transportation and spread the word about this amazing “Moms Helping Moms” transportation company!


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