Collecting Debts

on 12/26/2014 - 02:48 am

Bad debts are a harsh reality in every business. You sell a product or provide a service and rightfully expect the customer to pay as agreed. But sometimes, a customer refuses and your legitimate requests fall on deaf ears. What's more, willful defaulters provide wrong contact numbers and addresses or even change jobs and addresses because they cannot or will not pay. Some are brazen enough to deny responsibility and refuse to pay even after receiving demand letters. Carrying forward such delinquent accounts consume hard-earned profits; and as accounts age, the chances of collection become bleaker.

What can a business owner do? Can you continue to hope for payment and settlement? Regretfully write off overdues as bad debts and bear the loss? The recourse is a debt collection agency in Fort Smith, AR.

Professional debt collection agencies know collection techniques and technology that enable them to collect debts that you may otherwise never be able to recover on your own. This will save time, energy and money that can be better invested in running the business.

Once you provide the debtors' contact details, transaction details and all other related information, the collection agency will contact the debtor and direct him to pay the debt. The agency has the resources to track debtors down even if the contact information is wrong or has changed. The agency will charge a flat commission or percentage for its services.

The only problem is that some debt collectors do not avoid using unethical tactics like harassment, threats and violence when dealing with debtors. While federal and state laws have been established to control credit and collection activities to protect the interests of consumers, many collectors ignore these regulations. Such conduct can damage your business reputation and put you at legal risk in class action suits. Therefore, it is best to choose professional, reputed, experienced and reliable debt collection agencies that will collect your debts in a fair, respectful and courteous manner.

Advantage Recovery Services (ARS) is one such debt collection agency in Fort Smith, AR that scores well on all the above counts. It has more than 100 years of experience in recouping funds and posts a collection rate well above the national average even while adhering to all requisite laws. It is renowned for politely but firmly recovering the most hard-to-recover debts in the healthcare industry.

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