The essence of greenery


It is definitely an enriching view to wake up to a picturesque greenery right outside the window or even to take a rejuvenating walk on lush greens early in the morning or after a tired day at work. So every home owner wants to own a lush green lawn right outside their house. Besides giving an invigorating experience it also increases the value of their homes. It definitely acts as an escape from the hustle bustle of the city life. Having a lush landscape outside your home adds to the outdoor living space and the design should add to the comfort of the home owner. It can also be a recreational place for your kids where they can have some play time and enjoy some outdoor activity.


There are many things that should be kept in while constructing a lawn outside your home like planting, property maintenance, stone patios as well as wall construction to improve the functionality of home. There are many companies with professional offering expert services to construct an artistic yet comfortable lawn outside your home. There are various types of companies that provide landscape services  in Wyckoff which also incorporate landscape design, commercial snow removal, athletic fields, irrigation and landscape lighting. So you have the option of choosing the service provider and the services as per your requirement and the structure of your home.


There are two types of lawn that may be installed by the lawn service provider I.e. a sod lawn which is basically an instant lawn. Rolls of grasses are brought in and laid out over the area and there you have a lawn ready right outside your house almost immediately.  It is a very fast paced process. However, there is also a technique called hydroseed that is basically a combination of grass seed, water , fertilizer and growth stimulating mulch. The materials are organic in nature and the mixture is sprayed to harden and form a green mat. The mat holds the seed in the place until it germinates which also allows the hydroseed to be s[rayed in area like slopes and erosion areas where conventional method would not work. hydroseeding also allows for customized seed mixes to be used for certain environments. Grass will begin to germinate within a few days with proper irrigation and weather conditions.


Irrigation is also an important aspect for creating as well as maintaining the heath of your landscape. Here in using custom design is most beneficial because every garden has different irrigation needs. You should also give special attention to lighting of your lawn since it will allow you to enjoy the landscape even at night and provides the outdoor space for entertainment and relaxation.


There are a plethora of plants available to choose in various shapes, sizes colors and textures. It adds to the aesthetic appeal. With the combination of various types of plants an aromatic environment with an enriching view can be created. There is also option to choose from the seasonal variety which will increase beauty by seasonal blooms. The service provider looks into the renovations, transplanting, foundation planting, perennial gardens, container gardening, annuals for seasonal color and patio gardens.


You also have the option for choosing custom stone work which almost all companies offer. There are varieties like natural, stone, blue stone, pavers and Belgium rock. You can also customize the kind of stone that you want to use for which area like stone walls, patios, walkways, steps, pillars etc.


The landscape service in Wyckoff therefore helps you in building an inviting, lush, green lawn which will revitalize you every day and gives you the necessary comfort  in a backyard retreat. Visit :

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